Pirro for President..

Pirro for President poster 1bcd

Having served as both a judge and a prosecuting attorney, (in my humble opinion), Judge Pirro would not only enforce America’s laws judiciously and punctually, I believe that she would adjudicate her duties as president with compassion as well.

compassion 2A 

An amusing thought to share with you, halfway through the video I watched a few days ago pertaining to America’s second amendment, one of those off-the-wall thoughts that pop into your head when you’re not ready for it, interrupted my focus, it was the recollection (liberal lackey) Katie Couric attacking Sarah Palin’s intellect. So I took a brief moment to imagine how Katie Couric would fare against the woman I was watching eat Barack Obama’s lunch without benefit of either a fork or a spoon.

comprehensive 1

With Ms. Pirro’s background in law, life and politics, coupled with the “fire in her belly,” ..(I watched in complete awe) as she left deep and wide verbal marks up one side of Obama and down the other…

what more 2b

..plus she is a bona fide conservative!

conservative 1

As I’ve said all along, if the air headed progressive liberal ilk in this country want to live the European lifestyle, ..Europe’s only a few hours away on TWA.

Editorial: Just in case anyone out there has a notion that I’m joking about Jeanine Pirro serving in the Oval Office, I wasn’t joshing one iota when I heralded my support for Sarah Palin, and I’m not joshing now.

America’s had 236 years of voting for one member of the good old boys club or another, (at least until 2008) when half of America decided to sell their heritage for a book of food stamps.

If America truly wants “change,” ..and I can’t imagine anyone after Barack Obama who wouldn’t? Let’s really give America change. Over the last 236 years Americans have elected 44 presidents, and every one of them, ..(in my humble opinion), have either been driven by their testosterone, or confused by it.

At the risk of offending the videogame generation, ..the real world is more than a string of ones and zeros. Outside, ..that place where parents used to send their kids to play before a few seriously unstable individuals ruined the playgrounds by deciding to take their video games on the road. If Hollywood, the videogame producers and our government continue to entice and brainwash America’s youth, with their approval of rape mayhem and murder on a computer screen, then so be it, (but know this) …

the face of tyranny 2a

 (The face of tyranny)

..if American’s lets the liberal anti-gun lobby take away the Second Amendment, ..law-abiding citizens will be returned to the hazards they faced in America two hundred years ago, albeit, ..without the safety net of Samuel Colts distinguished equalizer.

Artie Johnson - very interestin 1avery smart 1 

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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