Sunday Morning Trivia – Furlough?

furlough  - green 1

According to Webster: “fur·lough,” (in context) An authorized leave of absence.

In the United States, a furlough, from Dutch: “verlof”) is a temporary unpaid leave of some employees due to special needs of a company, which may be due to economic conditions at the specific employer or in the economy as a whole. These involuntary furloughs may be short or long term, and many of those affected may seek other temporary employment during that time.

no furlough  4

Federal government…

In the United States, involuntary furloughs concerning federal government employees may be of a sudden and immediate nature.

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no furlough 1


Board members of various school districts as well as universities implemented “furlough days” to save money. Which makes students pay the same rate, if not more for their education while providing fewer educational days by forcing educators and staff members to take the day off.

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no furlough 2

Which of course is sad, not so much because teachers and administrators lose a day’s pay now and then, but rather (at least in my opinion), because teachers, administrators and parents manipulate their children to carry protest signs,…

running on the beach

..when anyone with a lick of common sense knows that a kid would vote for a furlough day in a heartbeat.

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no furlough  3

Armed Services…

The term can also be applied to members of an armed service who have been given an extended period of leave from front line service.

Sadder yet, having been a combat soldier in Vietnam, I can’t imagine how monumentally devastated I would have been if then President Lyndon B. Johnson would have “ordered” me to return home for an extended period.

Because a soldier with no one to shoot is the saddest thing of all.

Question: Why have I composed this “drivel” this morning?

As I enjoy telling the truth, I have to drive my wife 55 miles to the Rapid City airport early in the morning (Sunday morning) so I’m composing this drivel this evening (Saturday night) to fulfill my obligation to my Post…

..because the “Post” ..that I was originally working on for tomorrow, (Sunday Morning) would have taken me a good four hours to complete, whereas I am done with this drivel and 45 minutes.

Editorial: Of course had I really been smart? .. I would have simply hung out my sign…

gone fishing 3

..and left it at that.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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