Comprehensive Immigration Reform..

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According to Webster: “com·pre·hen·sive,” 1. So large in scope or content as to include much.  2. Marked by or showing extensive understanding; knowledge.

Statistically, (with 13 letters) comprehensive, would definitely fall into the category of a long word.

However, I suppose since it means; “so large in scope, or content as to include much,” should be a long word.

Maybe that’s why “our long pay for short hours” employees, and/or, ..politicians in Washington D.C. ..use words like comprehensive? As it is truly an impressive sounding word, and when it comes to the bottom line, ..if there’s one thing history has taught us here in America, “the American voter” loves impressive sounding words. Especially when they’re spoken, ..and/or, read from a teleprompter by an individual standing behind…

Obama grin 2

..a charismatic grin.

Make no mistake, although I am admittedly (not even close) when it comes to being as “charismatic” our current Commander-in-Chief, ..but then sense I have no reason to lie, ..and/or, (mislead) ..anyone in my narrative, ..charisma is not a consideration in my conveyances.

According to Webster: “the·sau·rus,” A book of synonyms, often including related and contrasting words and antonyms.

According to Webster: “syn·o·nym,” A word that serves as a substitute for another.

According to Webster: “an·to·nym,” A word having a meaning opposite to that of another word.

My thesaurus, and/or, ..more correctly, (Merriam-Webster’s thesaurus) provides 16 alternative words to substitute for the word comprehensive. However, (at least in my opinion) as none of them are as appropriate to mislead someone who didn’t attend Harvard, I understand why politicians adopted the word comprehensive.

Synonyms for comprehensive; “extensive,” – “widespread – “far-reaching” – “global,” – “sweeping. – “all-around,” ..can you imagine one of our self aggrandized Congressman, – congresswomen, – or Senators heralding; “America needs widespread immigration reform, ..and we need it now.

Not a chance, too many people would understand what widespread meant and most likely lean towards opposing something (widespread) sooner than they would oppose something labeled “comprehensive.”

herd of American bison 1

Up here in God’s country where I live, (South Dakota) when someone uses the word (widespread), we think of our native American bison.

Antonyms for comprehensive; “brief,” – “nonspecific,” – “cursory,” – (and my personal favorite) – “uncomplicated.”


(Main Street – my town).

Just like when someone utters the word (uncomplicated), the first thing that comes to my mind, is (my community) ..after which I immediately thank God that I don’t live in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. My community is three blocks long and so quiet that the only arrest our sheriff made in the last six months, was a passing cricket for disturbing the peace.

page break one 2

Question: So why am I critiquing the word comprehensive so extensively?

Answer: Because Webster’s number two definition for the word comprehensive is; “Marked by or showing extensive understanding; knowledge.


I didn’t go to Harvard like our current commander-in-chief, nor did I finish high school, consequently I’ve had to come by what little (fetchin’ up), ..and/or, “knowledge” ..I have without the benefit of a classroom, (my bad).

Dont Recommend it 1a

I don’t sit here in front of my computer concerned about Harvard graduates, I sit here in front of my computer for people like myself, ..who (shy away) from reading a lot of stuff, for no better reason, than that some words are too comprehensive.

English and English literature were not my worst subjects in high school because I wasn’t able to understand, ..they were my worst subjects because I didn’t pay attention.

Question: Do I regret not paying attention?

abso-freakin-lutely - red

Not paying attention is the number one “peril” to the (life and limb) of every Homo sapien on the planet.

According to Webster: “per·il,” Imminent danger. -exposure to the risk of harm or loss.

As both, a form of recreation, ..and transportation, I rode a motorcycle for a number of years, ..(which unequivocally taught me) ..that, not paying attention in high school left me ignorant of many things I should have known, which is not good…

Of course, it beats the hell out of not paying attention while riding a motorcycle, (not paying attention) while riding a motorcycle will leave you missing body parts or worse.

page break one 2

Question: So what’s my point?

At 71 years of age I have finally come to understand what high school and government have in common.

(Ultimately),’s not the responsibility of the individual being paid to be in the classroom to make sure that you have an understanding the day’s lesson,’s your responsibility.

And the same holds true, ..(it’s not) the President’s, ..or the Congresses’ responsibility to convey what they do ..(behind closed doors), ..(although it should be).

Ultimately, ..that responsibility is “yours and mine” as well.

By not paying attention, the citizens of the United States are $17 trillion in debt.

By not paying attention, the middle class working folks in America kept the richest 1% in America from becoming the poorest 1% in America.

By not paying attention, 24 million Americans are still unemployed or underemployed while countries like China, India and the oil Emirates in the Middle East are thriving.

By not paying attention, the census count in America is about to increase by eleven million because the men and women in Washington who are supposed to be working for us, (legal American citizens) are focused on “providing  a better life” for noncitizens, and/or, ..illegal aliens.

By not paying attention, America is on its way to bankruptcy via the (progressive liberal ideology) of a “Chrismatic Marxist Communist Pied Piper” driven to implement his (life-long) pipe dream.

it will bite off more than your

According to Webster: “re·form,” To improve by alteration, correction of error, or removal of defects; put into a better form or condition.

Whether or not you find today’s offering entertaining is irrelevant, if you want entertainment tune in to Jon Stuart.

Americans don’t have to go the way of the…

dinosaur dig 1

..of the dinosaur, be discovered a million years from now by a future civilization, that didn’t (buy into) an idealistic Pied Piper’s pipe dream. There is an election next year (2014), if the left retains its numbers or increases them, America will remain in a wheelchair and on life support…

If America chooses wisely, ..and sends the liberal socialist ilk home, ..the Lions share of America’s unemployed men and women…

pile of shoes 1

..can start wearing their shoes again.

One last thought, ..the White House has a fence around it, and Secret Service agents on the roof and on the grounds to protect the fellow we employ to protect America.

If the house at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., and the fellow living there, ..are worth protecting? ..then “we” should be worth protecting to, ..because without “us,” he wouldn’t have a job!

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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