Sunday Morning Trivia.. “Trivia.”

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common cat flea 1

Question: Is this fellow a creation of Hollywood, ..or the antagonist that drives your dog and cat to scratch?

(Answer later).

According to Webster: “triv·i·a,” (verb). 1. Insignificant or inessential matters; trifles. Plural; – trivium.

Preface; “After a few hours of research slithering in, out and through cyberspace this morning, I have humbly concluded that I am writing this morning’s offering more for me, ..than I am for you.”

My first quest was to identify and define items in the realm of insignificant.

Question: So what did I come up with? expected, ..very little. Think about it, ..”things”, ..and/or, ..items, that are truly (insignificant) ..aren’t important enough to archive, let alone report on.

Moving on to inessential…

According to Webster: “in·es·sen·tial,” 1. Not essential; unessential. 2. Without essence.

missing button 2 to broken tennis

 Which could be described as anything from a missing button to a broken tennis racket…

no discernible essence 1a

According to Webster: “es·sence,” The most important ingredient; the crucial element.


As example; “The most important ingredient in an omelette, are…

two eggs 1

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According to Webster: “triv·i·um,” The plural of trivia; and/or, The lower division of the (seven liberal arts) “medieval schools,”  ..consisting of grammar, logic, and rhetoric.

college liberal arts class 1

Notice to the consumer: When I Googled “College level Liberal Arts class,” I was presented with the image above.

.. I could be wrong, but from the energy I observe from this body of young people, I’m seeing a group of future (fast food wranglers) ..or welfare recipients.

It’s been a couple of eons since I’ve set foot on a school campus, nevertheless as I remember the individuals who went forth to (major) in liberal arts, did so because they didn’t have a clue about how to go forth and earn a living.

Master trivia page break

The liberal arts (Latin: artes liberales) are those subjects or skills that in classical antiquity were considered essential for a free person (a citizen) to know in order to take an active part in civic life.

In Ancient Greece this included participating in public debate, defending oneself in court, serving on juries, and most importantly, military service (slaves and resident aliens were by definition excluded from the duties and responsibilities of citizenship).

The aim of these studies was to produce a virtuous, knowledgeable, and articulate person.

Grammar, rhetoric, and logic were the core liberal arts. During medieval times, when learning came under the purview of the Church.


Interesting that during medieval times (learning), ..and/or, (education) fell under the purview of the church. While in current, ..and/or, (modern) times, the church and God have been banned from schools, and (education) by the good folks who subscribe to the liberal arts. (Not the folks who subscribe to conservatism and science).


These subjects (called the Trivium) were extended to include arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy (which included the study of astrology).

This extension was called the Quadrivium. Together the Trivium and Quadrivium constituted the seven liberal arts of the medieval university curriculum.

In the Renaissance, the Italian humanists, who in many respects continued the grammatical and rhetorical traditions of the Middle Ages, rechristened the old Trivium with a new and more ambitious name: Studia humanitatis, and also increased its scope. They excluded logic and added to the traditional Latin grammar and rhetoric not only history, Greek, and moral philosophy (ethics), but made poetry, once a sequel of grammar and rhetoric, the most important member of the whole group.


I’m not sure whether or not this next information will pertain to liberal arts, however there are definitely a lot of poets in San Francisco, and I would suggest that the lion’s share of them are most likely receiving a government subsidy of some description?


The educational curriculum of humanism spread throughout Europe during the sixteenth century and became the educational foundation for the schooling of European elites, the functionaries of political administration, the clergy of the various legally recognized churches, and the learned professions of law and medicine. The ideal of a liberal arts, or humanistic education grounded in classical languages and literature, persisted until the middle of the twentieth century.

In modern times, liberal arts education is a term that can be interpreted in different ways. It can refer to certain areas of literature, languages, philosophy, history, mathematics, psychology, and science.

It can also refer to studies on a liberal arts degree program. For example, Harvard University offers a Master of Liberal Arts degree, which covers biological and social sciences as well as the humanities.

For both interpretations, the term generally refers to matters not relating to the professional, vocational, or technical curricula.

Question: If a Master of Liberal arts degree from Harvard University doesn’t refer to (matters) relating to professional vocational or technical curriculum, what are the young people at Harvard doing?

college students drinking beer

Shazam Master Page Break

 ..they’re studying the effects of alcohol on Homo sapien gray matter.

Factoid: For every “single” ounce of alcohol consumed, the average Homo sapien loses (approximately) 10,000 brain cells.

Barack Obama attended Harvard University, which could be why our current commander-in-chief (brews) his own beer in the White House kitchen.


Master trivia page break

Alice and the white rabbit 1a

When researching things without essence, to my surprise, both Alice, from Alice in Wonderland and the white rabbit were two of the first things to pop up.

left eye close up

Also for inessential and unessential items, women’s makeup, from mascara, nail polish was abundant on the list.


A possible interesting topic for conversation for those of you with inquiring minds?

eyelash mite 1

This little guy, (and I do mean little) to those who study micro organisms is known as a “eyelash mite,” ..and oddly enough, (he or she) is considered to be quite essential.

Master trivia page break

hot pink nail polish 1a

Sorry ladies, (nail polish) 100% nonessential.

Master trivia page break

garage junk 1

Then of course, at least for those of us who count a garage among our possessions, there’s nothing more insignificant and inessential than the items we hoard in our garage.

Master trivia page break

Ultimately though, the number one item I have chosen as the current number one (nonessential) ..and the drainer of young minds is the…

videogame scene 1

 (Video game).

inessential waste of time

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Postscript: (answer) ..”It’s the antagonist that drives your dog and cat to scratch!”


Crusader Rabbit…

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