To protect and serve..

police car 1

All across to America, under spacious skies, motoring past Amber waves of grain, – with purple mountains majesties in the distance, – America’s police officers protect our fruited plains.

notice - check out now 1a

Statement of fact: “What “they” don’t protect us from is our..

elected officials 1b

to protect and serve page break 1a

burglar 1

If an individual enters your house in the middle of the night without permission, he or she at a minimum is guilty of illegal entry, and/or, breaking and entering. Which of course, as we have all been programmed to believe, is against the law?

illegal aliens 2

If an individual enters America in the middle of the night without permission, he or she is (not only) “not accountable” to America’s immigration laws, he or she is welcomed with open arms, and/or, eligible for government assistance.

to protect and serve page break 1a

head up butt 1a

Question: So to those of you who don’t have your heads buried in your rectal canals, I ask you, ..what’s wrong with that picture?

Question: If noncitizens of this Nation, ..are (eligible) for government assistance after breaking the law, – why are burglars and entrepreneurial home invaders (not eligible) for government assistance?

Question: Why do our elected officials in Washington D.C. spend so much time and treasury endeavoring to create a pathway to citizenship and employment for individuals who disregard our immigration laws, ..when these same elected officials spend (little or no time) ..endeavoring to create a pathway for employment for individuals who were born in America?

Statement of fact: I am a 71-year-old Homo sapien who was born in the United States, (bona fide) and verifiable by legal documentation.

When I was six years old I fell from the top of the concrete block wall my parents instructed me not to climb, and I broke my collarbone. My parents took me to our local hospital where a doctor set my collarbone, after which, my parents negotiated with the hospital for terms of payment.

My father was just discharged from the military after serving America in the Army air Corps during World War II.

My parents did not have health insurance. Nevertheless, neither my mother or my father contacted anyone in any government agency.

My mother and father were self-reliant responsible Homo sapiens. Self-reliance and (responsibility) worked for my mother and father, ..self-reliance and (responsibility) has worked for me, ..accordingly (in my considered opinion) there is no reason on God’s green earth (if applied) “self-reliance and responsibility” will continue to work until the earth is…

little green men from Mars

..invaded by little green men from Mars. 

to protect and serve page break 1a

 Come on people, ..what’s it gonna take?

Dennis Michael Lynch 1a

Dennis Michael Lynch (born August 20, 1969) is an American entrepreneur and documentary film maker. Currently, he is the Founder and CEO of TV360Media, a company specializing in the production of digital film and video.

Lynch was raised in Hicksville, New York. After graduating high school, he went on to attend CUNY/John Jay College as well as various other colleges but did not graduate from any of them. At the age of 21, Lynch held try-outs with the Chicago White Sox and Montreal Expos but failed to make either team.

In 1991, at age 22, Lynch launched a computer recycling company called Lynx Technologies. Lynch grew Lynx to become one of the largest computer hardware companies on Long Island. In August 1999, Lynch secured $13 million from venture capitalists and John Sculley, the former CEO of Apple and Pepsi.

In less than a year, Lynch expanded the company to 300 employees and five locations across the country, and renamed it TechSmart. As a result, he won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2000 in e-Business.

..and I could continue, but to what end? …

In (my considered opinion), young Mr. Lynch is a self-reliant, responsible individual.

Which in my book, (if my book counts for anything?) Dennis Michael Lynch needs no further credibility.


Video – 24 min. 2 Sec.


Then do something about it, even if it is nothing more than sharing the fact that Dennis Michael Lynch is trying to make a difference.

..and don’t forget (If you’re an American) ? ..America needs citizens willing to..

Ed Rico - Army 2a

to protect and serve page break 1a

fundamentally change America 1b

Instead of a grinning “Marxist” politician who is committed to change, the form of murky (unconstitutional), ..taxes and regulations. Or to be specific, “Obamacare.”

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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