Question of the day.. (Anti-Caucasian).

Is the America news media (under the thumb of the Obama administration) anti-Caucasian?

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After posting my opinion of the American medias deplorable treatment of Paula Deen, ..I decided to look deeper into why one “ethnic group” of (Homo sapiens) disrespects, fears, and hates another group of Homo sapiens?

hatred breeds ignorance 1a

Accordingly, (although against my better judgment) and/or, common sense, I have turned to academia for an answer.


Whiteness studies is an interdisciplinary arena of academic inquiry focused on what proponents describe as the cultural, historical and sociological aspects of people identified as white, and the social construction of whiteness as an ideology tied to social status.

Pioneers in the field include W. E. B. Du Bois (“Jefferson Davis as a Representative of Civilization”; 1890; Darkwater, 1920), James Baldwin (The Fire Next Time, 1963), Ruth Frankenberg (White Women, Race Matters: The Social Construction of Whiteness, 1993), author and literary critic Toni Morrison (Playing in the Dark: Whiteness and the Literary Imagination, 1992) and historian David Roediger (The Wages of Whiteness, 1991).


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Bet that group used up a lot of pencils.. 


By the mid-1990s, numerous works across many disciplines “analyzed whiteness,” ..and it has since become a topic for academic courses, research and anthologies.

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(What will academia think of next?) 


A central tenet of whiteness studies is a reading of history and its effects on the present, inspired by postmodernism and historicism in which the very concept of racial superiority is said to have been socially constructed in order to justify discrimination against non-whites.


My apologies up front; …

“I’m sorry, I simply (can’t resist) sharing with you that I didn’t change from wearing white socks to wearing gray socks because gray socks are cheaper, …

gray sock 4

..but rather because of the necessity of making cuts to make ends meet with the pitiful  pittance I receive from Social Security…

..with one of the corners cut, ..being the laundry detergent we now use instead of (get it bright and white) with “Tide,” … wife and I now use a generic brand of detergent that turns my white socks to gray in days, ..thus I now purchase gray socks to eliminate the transition.


Since the 19th century, critics of the concept of race have questioned if human races even exist and pointed out that arbitrary categories based on “phenotypical” characteristics are chosen, and that the idea of race is not about important differences within the human species.


According to Webster: “phe”no·typ“i·cal,” The observable physical or biochemical characteristics of an organism, as determined by both genetic makeup and environmental influences.


Thomas K. Nakayama and Robert L. Krizek write about whiteness as a “strategic rhetoric,” asserting that whiteness is a product of “discursive formation” and a “rhetorical construction” in the essay “Whiteness: A Strategic Rhetoric.”

Nakayama and Krizek write, “there is no ‘true essence’ to ‘whiteness’: (that’s really harsh), there are only historically contingent constructions of that social location.”

Major areas of research include the nature of white identity and of white privilege, the historical process by which a white racial identity was created, the relation of culture to white identity, and possible processes of social change as they affect white identity.

Many scientists have demonstrated that racial theories are based upon an arbitrary clustering of phenotypical categories and customs, and can overlook the problem of gradations between categories.

A reflexive understanding of such presumptions also informs work within the field of whiteness studies.

a reflective understanding 1

Question: What kind of cockamamie doublespeak is that? 

According to Webster: “pre·sump·tion,”1. Behavior or language that is boldly arrogant or offensive.  2. The act of presuming or accepting as true. 3. Acceptance or belief based on reasonable evidence; assumption or supposition, and or, gall, theory, conjecture, and on and on and on, blah blah blah…


Studies of whiteness as a unique identity began with black people, who needed to understand whiteness in order to survive.

Are these people, and/or, (dingbats) serious? 

“Black people needed to understand whiteness in order to survive,” ( survive what ?) about a load of idealistic crap.

In fact, if that “asinine” narrative doesn’t justify my decision not to finish high school, ..or go to college,’s beyond my “common sense” capacity to think of something that would?


An important theme in this literature is, beyond the general “invisibility” of blacks to whites, the unwillingness of white people to consider that black people study them…

anthropological skull 1a

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James Weldon Johnson 2a

(James Weldon Johnson).

James Weldon Johnson wrote in his 1912 autobiography that “colored people of this country know and understand

white people better than the white people know and understand themselves”.


Observation: Have you ever seen anyone in your life that looked more like they needed a bowl of Cheerios?


James Baldwin 1

(James Baldwin).

Author James Baldwin wrote and spoke extensively about whiteness, defining it as a central social problem and insisting that it was choice, not a biological identity. In the (The Fire Next Time), a non-fiction 1963 book on race relations in America.

Baldwin suggests that “White people in this country will have quite enough to do in learning how to accept and love themselves and each other, and when they have achieved this—which will not be tomorrow and may very well be never—the Negro problem will no longer exist, for it will no longer be needed.

A major black theory of whiteness connects this identity group with acts of terrorism—i.e., slavery, rape, torture, and lynching—against black people, who were treated as sub-human.


With the operative word in that last sentence, being “were.”

White academics in the United States and the UK began to study whiteness as early as 1983, and this phenomenon created the idea of a discipline called “whiteness studies”.

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Artie Johnson - very interestin 1a

(Veeeary Interesting!)

The “canon wars” of the late 1980s and 1990s, a political controversy over the centrality of white authors and perspectives, led scholars to ask “how the imaginative construction of ‘whiteness’ had shaped American literature and American history.”


Sorry, ..I just gotta cut in again, (whether via arrogance or ignorance), … (I have no college degree in anything) albeit, (in my opinion) to understand the black man’s (ambition) to greater things, one only need look at the continent of Africa to (suppose) ..and/or, (realize) what America would look like today if the foregoing black gentleman were granted their wishes and Caucasians didn’t exist.

..anyone wishing to read the remainder of this article will find it at under the heading of (anti-Caucasian) and (whiteness studies).


I am by no measure finished with today’s offering, I am simply finished with the (hateful) black racism dominant in the foregoing narrative.

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Criticism of Cheerios commercial in the news this week?

Cheerios commercial 1

When confronted by criticisms to their latest ad, which appears to be nothing more than a wee bit of genocidal propaganda, Cheerios VP of marketing Camille Gibson said:

“Consumers have responded positively to our new Cheerios ad. At Cheerios, we know there are many kinds of families and we celebrate them all.”

“This is newspeak for: “We know a lot of people were offended by our blatant attempts to promote miscegenation and genocide. However, we are committed to acting as if our position is totally normal until you shut up and buy our shit and like it.”

And what is it with this “We know there are many kinds of families and we celebrate them all” bullshit? No you aren’t. You are only celebrating one kind of family. White woman, black man.Why is this? Because you are trying so hard to be hip and edgy that you just had to go Big Genocide. Eye-popping, attention-grabbing, slightly cuckold-porn-esque Big Genocide. You knew it would get people talking. And it has. But one day, when we are in power and write the history books, you will be rightly depicted as the opportunist, traitorous trash you are. Or worse.

This may have served your short term marketing strategy. But we will remember.

Boycott: Cheerios. General Mill.
Hat tip: An anonymous contributor.

Ya just gotta love Mr. or Mrs. anonymous contributor, he or she really has a lot of conviction.

According to Webster: “mis·ceg·e·na·tion,” 1. A mixture of different races. 2. Cohabitation, sexual relations, or marriage involving persons of different races.

According to Webster: “gen·o·cide,” The systematic and planned extermination of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnic group.

(In my opinion) an extremely heavy and ridiculous reaction to a television commercial.

Who someone, or anyone is attracted to on this planet is that individuals business, (whether I agree with their decision or not). However, with that said; with a few exceptions, I am personally (unhappy) with the entire advertising industry. If a product or a service is valid, all that is required, (at least in my opinion) is to make that known. Folks don’t need to be lied to if your product or service is worthy?

If Cheerios wants to convey that their product has value by having a young girl pour their product over an individual lying on a couch, that’s their prerogative. The color of the man or the woman or the child should be of no consequence, if the family is truly a family?

Cheerios mistake, (at least in my opinion), was hiring actors to portray a family.

What in the hell is wrong with truth in advertising? ..or better yet, ..what the hell is wrong with truth in life.

According to Webster: “pho·ny,” Not genuine or real.

According to Webster: “stu·pid,” Slow to learn or understand.

hatred equals 2  ignorance page br

Postscript: Personally, I eat Cheerios, ..not because of who else might eat them, ..I eat ’em because I like ’em.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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