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According to Kevin Fallon of the daily beast, something that Paula Deen loves more than butter, black waiters serving wedding guests “Southern plantation style.”


Weddings, … (irregardless of your personal tastes, ..and/or, personal bigotry, ..are, ..and have always been family events composed and molded by folks from every imaginable culture. I can’t speak for everyone on the planet, however for myself, .. (who in the hell wouldn’t like a traditional Southern Style Plantation Wedding with black waiters?

Question: (while I’m on a roll), what in the hell is wrong with a man making his living as a waiter, irregardless of the color of his skin?

a waiter 1

A Waiter, Waiting staff, wait staff, or waitstaff, are those individuals who work at a restaurant or a bar attending to customers needs, — supplying them with food and drink as requested.

Traditionally, a male waiting tables is called a “waiter” and a female a “waitress” with the gender-neutral version being a “server”. Other gender-neutral versions include using “waiter” indiscriminately for males and females, “waitperson”, or the little-used Americanism “waitron”, which was coined in the 1980s.

Waiting on tables is (along with nursing and teaching) part of the service industry, and among the most common jobs, and/or, ..occupations in the United States.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that, as of May 2008, there were over 2.2 million persons employed as servers in the U.S.

Many businesses choose for the people waiting to all wear a uniform, a tradition that has been around in the waiting industry for centuries.

In recent times there has been a trend towards automation in the service of food and drink waiting, with the advent of technologies such as robotics to take on the waiting roles that once required human staff. (Source, Wikipedia).

Question: When did black Homo sapiens become either (to good) ..and/or, (unfit) work in an honorable centuries old industry?

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Kevin Fallon 1A

Kevin Fallon is a reporter for The Daily Beast. Previously, he was the entertainment editor at ( and a writer and producer for (’s) entertainment vertical.

N-Word Alert…

At least that’s the takeaway from the unedited transcript of Paula Dean’s deposition in the $1.2 million discrimination lawsuit filed against the First Lady of Finger Lickin’ Food and her brother, Earl “Bubba” Hiers.

In her testimony, Deen admits to using the N-word, reveals her ambivalence towards people watching pornography at a place of work, and—the arguably racist, definitely bizarre bit that’s made headlines Wednesday—details the Southern plantation wedding of her dreams, in which black waiters serve guests slave-style.

slave style 1

Question: What the hell does that even mean? Do slaves have their own style, (is it copyrighted?) Do slaves have their own union?

Abraham Lincoln - sketch 2

Ooops! I forgot for a moment, Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation signed into law on January 1, 1863.


Could it be that Paula Dean, (who was apparently honest and forthcoming) at her deposition, should have followed the example of our politicians in Washington D.C., and lied her ass off? (and/or dodged the question all togerther)?

Question: Is Paula Deen (an industrious self-made woman) so feared by the liberal left wing political machine, ..and/or, (the Democratic Party) ..that’s currently bent on dismantling capitalism, and replacing it with Obamaism, and/or, Marxist socialism and communism, that they have engaged in taking down successful (capitalist) individuals?

Slavery is illegal in the United States, and not just for black folks, if I remember my political science class from high school?  (What little I attended).

White folks are protected by the U.S. Constitution as well.

A part of which, (as I recall) is the First Amendment, that guarantees American citizens the right to freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom to worship whatever or whichever religion we see fit.

Granted, I agree that there are two sides to most everything, even a circle has an inside and outside.

So my question now is, why is Paula Deen being sued for discrimination and persecuted for using the…

N-word 1a

If my research is correct, (and it is) some of our finest gainfully employed U.S. citizens use the N-word every day.

Some actually use the N-word in their gainful employment,

Chris and Eddie 1

young men like Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy, although to be quite honest, Eddie is getting up there.

Richard Pryor 1

Then we have Eddie’s predecessor Richard Pryor and on the flipside during her standup days, …

Whoopi Goldberg 2a

Whoopi Goldberg explicated the (N-Word) using six letters with as much flair and flamboyance as any of her male counterparts.

Just in case you might be thinking that I’m excluding Mr. Huxtable, (no way in hell) I’m 71 years old, I was there in Bill Cosby’s heyday, …

Bill Cosby 2

Bill Cosby was just as prolific with the N-word on stage (and in his Albums) as anyone, but then hey, ..a guys gotta make a living.

Jesse threatening Obama 1a

Even the renowned Reverand Jesse Jackson was caught a while back on an open mic making (a threatening) reference to America’s current Commander-in-Chief, ..

A Question: Isn’t (threatening) the president of the United States actually a federal crime?

A better Question: Why wasn’t the Reverend Jesse Jackson arrested, or (at least) questioned by the Secret Service or the FBI for publicly threatening the President of the United States?

A still better Question: Are black clergymen exempt from federal law?

Pollard Dean persecuted 1a

Why is Paula Deen being persecuted? 

Could it be because we live in an opportunistic “sue” happy society? …or something more sinister?

True story: 1964, Ft. Devens Massachusetts in the day room of the barracks where I lived in 1964 prior to being shipped out to the Republic of South Vietnam to defend democracy and an American citizen’s right to say any damn thing he or she wants to.

It was early afternoon on a bright Massachusetts Sunday, albeit for a unit of government property with no government currency in his pockets, ( I ) like a notable number of others who shared my plight, I meandered into our companies day room to check out “the happenings?”

I didn’t have to wait long, as the moment I cross the threshold from the front part of the day room where there was a television set into the rear portion of the day room that gave home to a fine Brunswick pool table, I was immediately beset upon with a question from a young sergeant by the name of Gabriel.

Sergeant Gabriel’s Question: (although altered to use my first name instead of my last) “Chuck, .. Do you think I’m a (N-Word?)

Whether a fair question or not, Gabriel (a wise ass of the highest degree) had met his match. As I, Chuck, (a wise ass of a higher degree) immediately replied: “I don’t know Gabriel, ..what is a (N-Word?)”

I didn’t answer Gabriel’s question, nor did Gabriel answer mine, instead the room fell into harrumph laughter, and Gabriel went down in flames.

Gabriel meant no harm by asking his question, he was just screwing with me, ..for whatever reason, doesn’t matter.

Gabriel was simply playing “gotcha” ..and chose the wrong contestant, ..”no harm no foul” ..because when you’re living with-in a (society) of Homo sapiens that all share the same agonies and woes that all carbon-based air breathing units of government property share, things like (dumb ass) words simply aren’t a thing.

Come on, who doesn’t know about sticks and stones will break your bones, but words will never hurt you, wake up!

In closing…

“The only value any commodity on this planet commands, is the value that man places upon it.”

Paula Dean cooking 1

Paula Deen is a goodhearted American citizen who worked for her money, ..she deserves her right to freedom of speech every bit as much as, “Chris Rock, ..Eddie Murphy, ..Richard Pryor, ..Whoopi Goldberg, ..and ..Bill Cosby,” …and a million or nine others that I don’t have room to mention.

leave the woman alone 1a

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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