Thin skin, and those packaged in it..

baloney 2

Once again, my (number one) candidate for thin-skinned politician of the week, (none other than) ..the underbelly of America’s favorite Commander-in-Chief, Barack, Hussein, (I wish my daddy had been a Rothschild) Obama!

Beyond the “fluffy” reports coming out of every “nook and cranny” that the mainstream media “delves into,” ..and/or, dumpster dives for, conjure up the tripe they deliver to their followers, to include the dust bunnies under their beds. (Rumor has it) from the conservative press, that B.H.O. sweating rutabagas from Michelle’s “Who Garden” over the current trilogy of scandals hanging over the White House.

 page break one 2

Doesn’t our baloney exporting Commander-in-Chief know what our founding fathers meant by…

give me liberty 2a


freedom of speech - red white a Question Mark 1a

page break one 2

Cincinnati protester 1b


Maybe not? ..because if he did, ..individuals who exercise their Constitutional right to free speech at (his) gatherings wouldn’t be accosted and drug away by large badge totin’ gentleman wearin’ Smokey the bear hats.

 criticism of Obama 2a

Factoid: Albeit denied with his every (fibbing) breath, ..every un-brainwashed (common sense) Homo sapien in America is fully aware that Eric Holder, Barack Obama’s hand-picked Attorney General (authorized) Operation “Fast and Furious,” even if it was (verbal) he could “exercise” his (plausible deniability) ..that no “worthy” Washington (politician) is ever without.

As the alternative would be that someone ( ? ) in the Justice Department was running the Operation without Eric Holder’s knowledge or consent.

In which case of course, every un-brainwashed (common sense) Homo sapien in America would be picketing outside the White House demanding Holder’s head on a platter for incompetence.

 you can't have it both ways 1a

I fully understand the plight of the of the poor, ..I grew up poor, but not because my father was disenfranchised, my father had a job, and when my father didn’t have a job, he had two jobs. My father had no formal education beyond the eighth grade, nevertheless my father was a self-reliant responsible individual with moral values that didn’t include taking charity from a neighbor or from the state.

I respected my father for his values more than any other person I can name. My parents raised six children, all of whom to my knowledge never applied for welfare or food stamps.

Our politicians, yours and mine, when vying for our votes, from the first day to the last, ..expound (family values) ..then they rob us blind…

(Sidebar). I know this is where you expect me to define the word “stupid” again, ..but I’ve decided that if you don’t know what the word means by now, never will.


Parting question: “How does a boy learned to be a man with a job, if he’s never met one?

Contrary to popular belief, one does not become a man by getting a woman pregnant.

One becomes a man by getting out of bed every day and going to work, – minimum – 30 years.

It couldn’t be any simpler, however for those of you who still don’t understand…

 Obama Butt Whoppin 1a

..sometimes education “requires” more than a progressive liberal university professor.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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