A Bump in the Road..

a bump in the road 5

Words from the mouth of our caring “Commander-in-Chief during an interview on 60 minutes (September 23, 2012).

 Obama's bump in the road 1a

Four men, four Americans, by Barack Obama’s “progressive” analogy were no more than “a bump in the road.”

Question: What in the hell road is Barack Obama on?

Of course not to be completely unfair, Barack Obama did, without stammer or stutter, announce with resolve that it was his intention during his campaign to fundamentally change the way America does business.

Well, if this isn’t a bona fide change to the way America has always done business, ..I’ll kiss Nancy Pelosi’s “sagging” butt during prime time on MSNBC.

Hell, I’ll even throw in a Clinton or two…

..and why not? Hillary could have ordered our troops in waiting to jump in, instead of stand down, just as well as our cravenly commander-in-chief.

Come on folks, even George W, ..as intellectually challenged as he is, George W., would have ordered troops in to protect our embassy.

But then, going with the fact that America is currently under the thumb of the dumb, and the indifferent when it comes to America’s heritage and America’s Constitution, we, “We the People,” will have to suffer the consequences of avarice and gutlessness for another 3 ½ years.

According to Webster: “av·a·rice,” Immoderate desire for wealth; cupidity.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

what difference 2  at this point d

Gee Hillary, maybe you should approach the question as to what you might have done, had Chelsea or Bill been in the embassy when the terrorists struck?

Factoid: I would have composed the question to Barack as to what he would have done, had Sasha, Melia and Michelle been in the embassy, if I had the slightest confidence that he would have done something other than what he did.

Which of course we all know now, ..was nothing.

 screw him there not my kids.1a jpg

..they were,

just a bump in the road 2a

..albeit from a poem received in an email from a friend a few days ago, the men who died in Benghazi were apparently “more than a bump in the road” ..to an anonymous Marine Corps officer who penned the following…

The Battling Boys of Benghazi 1

 Semper Fi …

Obama  - 1a  just a bump in the roa

In (my humble opinion) America will begin to heal when both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are history…

remember Benghazi 1a 

Have a Great ” Memorial Day,” I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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