What’s more fun than C-SPAN ?

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Where else in this great Nation of America, ..can you watch one group of government employees, ..lie to another group of government employees, ..while we, “We the People,” ..we (the taxpayers) ..pick up the tab.

According to Webster: “lie,” (in context) A false statement deliberately presented as being true; a falsehood. 

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The truth, (as sad as it is), I would wager without hesitation that there is not one human being on this great big beautiful blue planet of ours who hasn’t told a lie.

We all participate, some more than others, for myself, during my formative years, my “adolescent curiosity” often took me beyond the boundaries set by my parents for my well-being.

Question: Are boundaries responsible for lying? ..or is lying simply an innate attribute of Homo sapiens erectus?

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  (Homo sapiens erectus).

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Or is lying a learned trait? Do we, and/or, children learn to lie by observation?

I was at the office 1

(I was at the office! ..I called your office, you weren’t there). 

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Everyone loves Pinocchio, come on what’s not to love? He’s cute as a bug, ..his best friend is a bug, ..and he’s got one of the best stories ever. Come on folks, ..who can you think of that’s had more adversity to deal with in his formative years, than Pinocchio?

Nevertheless, being a (common sense) responsible adult, I could never consider supporting Pinocchio for public office.

Could you imagine Pinocchio in front of a congressional oversight committee being questioned by Darrell Issa?

Think about it, by the end of the day Pinocchio’s nose would be long enough to reach Moscow, or maybe even Beijing?

Can you also imagine how long Lois Lerner’s nose might extend if she were afflicted with Pinocchio’s malady and America’s Constitution didn’t contain a Fifth Amendment?

Not that I’m calling Ms. Lerner out as being set aside from others, to include our now retired secretary of state Hillary Clinton, our current Atty. Gen. Eric Holder, as well as Barack Obama’s mild mannered (puppet) and/or, (frustrated) press secretary; Jay Carney). In my (unlearnied) estimation, ..all would have noses that would circle the globe several times.


Yes, I am aware that (unlearnied) is by Merriam-Webster’s standards, not a proper word, however since the government has yet to deny “artistic license” and/or, ..(freedom of the press), ..I am (unapologetically) comfortable with “coining a word,” ..and/or, turning to (neologism) now and then.

According to Webster: “ne·ol·o·gism,” The creation or use of new words.  


Of course to be completely fair (a critical requirement thrust upon me by my friend April) I would be negligent if I didn’t include or at least point out that all 535 of our employees in Congress obtained their seats via one lie or another on their job application, and/or, their campaign to win your vote.

Question: So why is it that we, “We the People,” expect our employees who lied to us to get their jobs, wouldn’t continue lying to us in the performance of their jobs?

As a retiree from America’s workforce after 46 years I can speak with “aplomb” that I never worked for an individual or a corporation, (other than the US government) that wouldn’t have dismissed me for lying on my work application, or lying to them personally.

Point of clarification: The branch of the U.S. government I worked for where no one gets fired for lying, ..or anything else, ..was the U.S. Army.

But then America’s military is an especially confusing entity, subject to the whims and whimsy’s of a single individual who has been since the founding of America, ..known to (us), his employers, ..as the Commander-in-Chief.

If the commander-in-chief of America’s military services decides for any reason, (tactical or whimsical), it is the law without recourse.

If the Commander-in-Chief decides to shut down, and/or, close a military base anywhere on the planet, it gets shut down or closed.

If the Commander-in-Chief of America’s military services decides to arrest and detain a corporal for providing classified military information to an unscrupulous website, (that corporal) is arrested and detained without recourse for whatever period of time the Commander-in-Chief decides.

If the Commander-in-Chief of America’s military services decides that a major who shot and killed 13 of his fellow servicemen in a rampaging act of lunacy, bellowing (Allahu Akbar), during his rampage, should not be denied his “pay” while awaiting trial, then (that major) will receive his monthly stipend without prejudiced or interruption.

So of course, (at least in my opinion), it’s a damn good thing that the Commander-in-Chief of America’s military services doesn’t command the authority bestowed upon the company commander of an infantry company.

Because I personally recall during my tour of duty, more than one “young soul” ..who received a (summary) judgment of (six and two thirds) for taking an extra day on a weekend pass, or simply being insubordinate to a thin-skinned second Lieutenant.

Clarification: A judgment of (six and two thirds) meant that an individual forfeited two thirds of their pay for six months.


And then of course, as another example, we have Martha Stewart who served a six-month sentence in a federal prison for fibbing to a federal agent.

Question: What the hell ever happened to the phrase; “fair play,” ..or “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

Question: If an American citizen can go to jail for lying to an individual who works for her, (then why would it not be fair) for a government employee who lies to his or her employer, and/or, the American public, ..to spend an “equal” amount of time in a federal prison for the same infraction?

Question: Does one have to be a politician in America to incur the authority to lie?

So many unanswered questions, what are we to do? A good start (at least in my humble opinion) could include dismissing our current (stock) of politicians, and/or liars, and replacing them with individuals as alluded to in President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address, “people of the people”, instead of people who belong to the Rothschilds.

 the truth will come out 1b

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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