elation 1

According to Webster: “e·la“tion,” To make proud or joyful.

Preface: I had a blog already to post this morning entitled: “Liberals and the law.” Albeit, when I put the power to my motherboard this morning and checked my email, there was a missive from my friend Tom.

For those of you who have been reading my blather for a time? You know Tom to be my friend who works for the VA on behalf of America. Tom is one of the good guys. For those of you who have not been reading my blather for a time? Now you to know that Tom is one of the good guys.

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Tom’s email:

“Mission accomplished. I got word that the Monsanto profit protection riders have been removed fro the farm bills in both the house and senate. HOOORAH thank you Sen Merkley Or. Congressman DeFazio Or. and Sen. Harry Reid Nev. They are also pushing for an investigation into the long term affects of dioxins. It only took us 45 fukin years.”

Editorial: Good news for Tom and good news for the citizens of America, ..and the citizens of the world.

dioxin is poison 1A

 Thank you Tom, America and the world are in your debt.

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Elation is an emotion of happiness. (Source Wikipedia).


Not that this information has any tactical purpose here, albeit Wikipedia’s offering for the definition of “elation” is (without a doubt) ..the shortest I have ever encountered.


 happy camper 1

According to Webster: “hap“pi·ness,” (in context) Marked by pleasure and satisfaction. 

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In an attempt to rescue myself from those who would criticize me for being one-sided, I dedicate the next portion of my blather to the losers…

Hugh Grant 1a

 (Hugh Grant – CEO of Monsanto). 

An individual, who I am sure is somewhat upset with Tom this morning, so to Hugh I offer my sincerest… 

sincere boo-hoo 1a

..which of course I also extend to any and all of our government employees who may be upset as well?

sadness 4

 (A government employee selected at random).

 According to Webster: …

 melancholy definition 1a

As much as it pains me to make people unhappy, under these circumstances I believe that I can live with myself…

why you dare ask 1

Because not only is my life in jeopardy from the products that corporations like Monsanto produce, your life is in jeopardy as well, and the lives of our children and grandchildren. Wake up America, Tom can’t do it all.

 American bandwagon 2

 (American Bandwagon)

Come on America, get on the bandwagon. You and every other individual in this nation that consumes farm grown agricultural products needs to understand and appreciate the dangers imposed by chemicals like dioxin, (a major ingredient in the defoliant agent orange) that was used on and around American soldiers during the Vietnam War. Men who risked life and limb to defeat the evil of communism and keep America’s citizens secure. Now the same company that produced agent orange, (Monsanto) wants to provide dioxin to you and your children, and grandchildren via a campaign to pass a bill through our Congress. A bill, that according to my friend Tom’s email this morning was just defeated.

According to Webster: “de·feat·ed,” To prevent the success of; thwart. 

victory 1a

According to Webster: “vic·to·ry,” The state of having triumphed.

Of course, to anyone with common sense and knowledge of our government’s (less than honest) practices when it comes to catering to “Corporate America,” ..you understand that a victory today doesn’t mean that the politicians and money mongers aren’t already plotting a course of action to expand their power and increase their profits.

Accordingly America, ..it is my “fervent” advice to those of you who love this country and appreciate the freedoms “our” Constitution guarantees you and I, (be aware), stay vigilant to protect your freedoms and your families.

Do it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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