Ignorant, and/or, ..a dullard?

Alfred E Newman 2

             (Alfred E Newman).

According to Webster: “ig·no·rant,” Lacking education or knowledge; — unaware.

According to Webster: “dull·ard,” A stupid or unimaginative person; –a dolt.

Question: How does an individual attain the status of “dullard or dolt” ..in 21st century America?

Are these attributes and characteristics taught and learned in America’s colleges and universities?

According to Webster: “at·trib·ute,” (in context) Associated with serving to identify a character, or a person.

As I have become extremely interested, and/or, “fascinated” with (ignorance and stupidity) sense the reelection of Barack Obama to the Oval Office, ..my offering today is the result of researching “Jay Leno’s” …

 jaywalking 1

..an entertaining (at least in my humble opinion), segment of the Tonight Show. During which Jay Leno takes his camera and his microphone to the streets of Hollywood, to see what average Americans know about the world?

 jaywalking 2

 How wide is the United States?

jaywalking 3

If it’s winter in the northern hemisphere, what season is it in the southern hemisphere?

jaywalking 5

Can you name an old world country?  

jaywalking 8a

Can you name a new world country? 

jaywalking 6a

What’s the name of the river that runs through Washington D.C.? 

jaywalking 4

In 1492, in which direction did Columbus sail?

jaywalking 7a

Why was 1776 a bad year in British history?

..as sad as it is, 95% of Jay’s subjects failed to provide the correct answer. 

why - red

Could it be, ..although American Colleges and Universities are among the best on the planet, young people are more interested in texting, …

texting 1

page break one 2

textbooks 3

..than their textbooks?

among other diversions 1a

 I love college 3

Science, the effects of gravity.

I love college 6a

Epidemiology, health and hygiene.

I love college 5a

 Preoperative medicine, anesthesiology.

drunk girl 1a

  Mathematics, three take away one = two.

I love college 4

Political science, America’s future leaders. 

not a good image 1

Theater and liberal arts… 

not a good image 2  for a young wo

Cheerleader, ..proud to be an American.

I love college 1a jpg

 ..and why not, .. I’m not paying for it. 

God bless mom and dad

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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