Bob White..

Who, what or where, Bob White, ..and/or, ..Bobwhite?

In my experience, one, ..or anything, unequivocally, ..and/or, actually who they, ..and/or it, ..purports to be based on their appearance, ..what they do, ..or what they believe.

 bobwhite quail 2

                       (Bobwhite Quail).

The Northern Bobwhite, Virginia Quail or (in its home range) Bobwhite Quail (Colinus virginianus) is a ground-dwelling bird native to the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean. It is a member of the group of species known as New World quails (Odontophoridae).

They were initially placed with the Old World quails in the pheasant family (Phasianidae), but are not particularly closely related.

The name “bobwhite” derives from its characteristic whistling call. Despite its secretive nature, the northern bobwhite is one of the most familiar quails in eastern North America because it is frequently the only quail in its range.

There are 22 subspecies of northern bobwhite quail, and many of the birds are hunted extensively as game birds.

One subspecies, the Masked Bobwhite (Colinus virginianus ridgewayi), is listed as endangered with wild populations located in Sonora, Mexico and a reintroduced population in Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge in Southern Arizona. (Source Wikipedia).

With the winged bobwhite covered, let’s move on to the Homo sapiens that use the name along with businesses and commodities.

 Bob White - karate instructor 1a

(Bob White) 

This gentleman is a karate instructor, as for his address and information to utilize his services, you’ll have to look that up yourself.

bobwhite syrup 1a

(Bob White Syrup) 

For the pancake and waffle connoisseurs.

bobwhite sculptor 1a

  (Bob White). 

Robert Winthrop White (September 19, 1921 – September 21, 2002) was a highly-respected American sculptor and educator who lived for much of his life in St. James, Long Island, New York. He was a grandson of the architect Stanford White.

Bob white - guitarist 1a

 (Bob White – guitarist).

Robert Willie White (November 19, 1936 – October 27, 1994) was an African-American soul musician, one of the guitarists for Motown’s in-house studio band, the Funk Brothers, White is best known for performing the guitar riff on The Temptations’ number-one hit single “My Girl”, but played the guitar on many successful Motown records, including “Can I Get a Witness” by Marvin Gaye, “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” by The Supremes, “My Cherie Amour” by Stevie Wonder, and “It’s a Shame” by The Spinners.

Bob White - consultant 1a

 (Bob White).

Robert “Bob” White, OC (born April 28, 1935 in Upperlands, Northern Ireland) is a prominent leader in the Canadian trade union and labour movement. Born in Northern Ireland, he emigrated with his family to Canada at age 13, settling in Woodstock, Ontario.

Bob White was an in-house consultant for the Mitt Romney campaign.

 bobwhite lunch counter New York

(Bob White’s Counter – New York City).

There are also numerous listings on Google for Bob White Real Estate agents, ..Bob White sports figures, ..and Bob White’s representing the clergy.

The Bob White’s of the world, although abundant, (at least according to my research) don’t pose any meaningful threat the John Smith’s.

In my experience, an individual, (is), ..who he, (is) ..or, ..she (is) because of what (someone else) convinced them to believe.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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