charades 1

According to Webster: “cha·rade,” A game in which words or phrases are represented in pantomime.

Or (my personal) favorite; “A readily perceived pretense; a travesty.”

Among the general population, charades is a game played by a men or a women, boys or girls, who stands in front of a group of men or women, or boys or girls who issue clues to their teammates via pantomime with the objective of getting their teammates to surmise the meaning of their tomfoolery.

charade 1

According to Webster: “tom·fool·er·y,” Foolish behavior.

Among our self aggrandized politicians in Washington D.C., charades is a game played by skilled orators who issue their clues to the population, not via pantomime, but rather via the time honored practice of subterfuge…

 transparency 1a

..utilizing words and phrases such as “transparency,” ..and, “it’s time for “change” in America.”

subterfuge 1

According to Webster: “sub·ter·fuge,” A deceptive stratagem or device.

subterfuge 5a

According to Webster: “de·cep·tion,” The use of deceit. A ruse; a trick. 

Obama's dog 1

According to Webster: “trans·par·en·cy,” (in context) The quality or state of being transparent.

Barack Obama’s dog knows more about what’s taking place in the halls of government than you or I.

to be different 1a

According to Webster: “change,” (in context) To be different.

Change according to Barack Obama, (at least in my opinion),..

 anything but white 1

 ..means anything other than white.

page break one 2

National security, in any administration…

Obama's Raiders 1a

simply means 1 jpg

in the dark on a string 2a

…keeping those you work for in the dark and on a string.

Wakeup America, both by tradition and by law, the citizens of a Democratic Republic are the ones who are supposed to be holding the strings, not the other way around.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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