Back in Service..



 According to Webster: “serv·ice,” 1 Employment in duties or work for another, especially for a government.

Obama signing welfare bill

  Obama signing to increase food stamp distribution.

2. A government branch or department and its employees: the diplomatic service.

Amb. Chris Stevens 1

 America’s ambassador to Benghazi “Chris Stevens” after an unscheduled meeting with a group of disgruntled Muslims.

America's armed forces 1

3. The armed forces of a nation.

secretary 1a

4. Work or duties performed for a superior.

 service for another 1

5. The occupation or duties of a servant.


6. Work done for others as an occupation or a business.

 baptism 1

7. Acts of devotion to God. 

firemen rescue

8. An act of assistance or benefit to another or others.

serving food

9. The serving of food or the manner in which it is served. 

tea service

10. A set of dishes or utensils. 

serving a summons

11. Law. The serving of a writ or summons. 

Of course, ..there are a lot more examples, however for my purpose here today I believe that I have engendered enough examples to make my point.

In short, (at least in my humble opinion) ..service is simply doing something beneficial or worthwhile for another, ..or others.

 beneficial and worthwhile 1a 

..both great products and both products that I endeavor to provide to my readers.

However, understanding from early childhood that even a circle has two sides, as I have provided the upside, (at least in my opinion), of what it means to serve…

I would be remiss in my responsibility if I failed to provide the downside…


According to Webster: “dis·serv·ice,” A harmful action; an injury.

Barack Obama oath of office

Question: Why is it that you need a background check to buy a gun, ..but not to become president of the United   States? 

the real Obama 1

In my opinion: A “real” Constitutional scholar would revere and respect the Constitution of the United States, instead of working to dismantle it.

the real Obama 2

In my opinion: A “real” worthwhile individual would not try to destroy America, spending it into bankruptcy.

the real Obama 3

In my opinion: A “real” patriotic American would endeavor to create jobs and employment, ..instead of focusing his energy on maintaining poverty through welfare. 

welfare rights 1

War on the poor? ..welfare rights? Someone in this Nation needs to read the Constitution, ..and I mean like right now.

welfare recipients 2

 This man surely has not. 

Question: What’s his next move, food stamps for guns?

George Washington quote 1

Editorial: For me personally, ..although I will concede that in a grinning contest Barack Obama would win hands down, in a contest as to whose philosophy was more beneficial and worthwhile to the citizens of America, I stand behind George Washington.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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