Question of the day..

head in the sand 4

Why does 75% of America’s (voting age) population choose to be ignorant?

According to Webster: “ig·no·rant,” (in context) Unaware or uninformed.

Alluding to the (old) adage, ..that, ..bad, ..and/or, undesirable events (beset the world) in threes?

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I give you my three (personal opinions) to why 75% of America’s voting age population chooses to be ignorant.

Number One Answer: It’s simpler.

 it's simpler 1a

Don’t listen to what’s being said, don’t look out your windows and definitely refrain from sharing your opinions.

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Second Reason: Americans are Distracted.

  distraction 1

…by Technology. 

elephant in the room 1

 …by Ignoring the Elephant in the Room. 

gluttony 1

 …and by Gluttony.

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Third Reason: Unadulterated Fear.

 fear of government 1

 …fear of the Government.

I am your duly elected leader 2

…fear of Reprisal.

the unknown 1

 …fear of the Unknown. 

…like whether or not your grandchildren will end up living under a bridge…

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Obama melting the country dry 1a  

..because the Obama administration milked the country dry.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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