Obama Money

At least for “the” spendohilic that lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW., Washington, DC.

With yesterday’s job numbers still indicating a decline, while the price of everything that we touch, taste, or even observe continues to rise…

 mushroom cloud 1 an apocalyptic mushroom cloud over every populated space in the nation.

Doom 1

According to Webster: “a·poc·a·lyp·tic,” Pertaining to widespread devastation or ultimate doom.

  stretching a dollar 1

Pearlsofprofundity observation: “I don’t care where you were born, ..or what your Marxist communist, atheist mother filled your head with when you were a child, can only stretch of dollars so far before it breaks.”

plenty for everyone 1

page break - dark blue 1 - Copy

According to Webster: “con·flict·ed,” To be in or come into opposition; differ.

 conflicted 2

 page break - dark red 1

 food stamp policy 1

 don't feed the animals 2

don't feed the animals policy 1 

page break - dark blue 1 - Copy

 is anyone out there listening 1a

 Obama and food stamps 1

 People in America needs jobs, ..not food stamps!


Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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