breaking news April fool

In a totally unexpected, ..unprecedented, ..and unparalleled announcement early this morning, Barack Hussein Obama shared his plans to immediately resign the presidency of the United States to move with his family to his father’s palatial estate and ancestral home in Kenya, South Africa.

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I love my friend Berry 1a

The first family will be flying first class courtesy of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Iranian airlines 

Iran air 1

 Flights leaving daily with special services provided by virgins for the “First Family,” ..as well as suicide bombers, ..from Al Qaeda, ..the Taliban, ..and Hamas. 

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waving goodbye 3b

The first family will reside…

at the corner of 1


It might not be the White House, but that doesn’t matter to a man like Barack Obama, (I watched the movie) what matters to Barack Obama, ..is experiencing the elevating exhilaration of digging his toes into the same soil, ..toed by his father! page break - dark blue 1 - Copy - Copy

We're staying Grandma 1a

Family is everything to a man like Barack Obama, otherwise why would he have pulled so many strings to keep his (in the country illegally) uncle Omar, from being deported.

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The Who Farm - Africa 1a

As for Michelle? ..as long as she has a bit of land where she can grow her “own” salad, ..the lady is “happy” anywhere on the planet, ..a fact that she literally (carved into stone) during her husband’s first four years, .. by literally traveling to just about every destination on the planet.

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 back where I started 1a

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Now that I have pulled off the cruelest (April fools jest) ..ever, I suppose it’s time to apologize to the world, ..and invite you.. 

one and all 1

..to join me tomorrow, ..for a (replay) ..and an educational experience that won’t eliminate, and/or, relieve your suffering over the next four years, ..although, ..it will categorically lead you to better understand “why” you are suffering. 🙂

Thank you for your indulgence, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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