The Who Farm..


we have a farm 1b

The Who Farm (also known as): The White House Organic Farm Project) began as a non-partisan, …


nonpartisan that's a good one 2a


..petition-based initiative to respectfully request that our 44th President (Mr. Green energy and green spending), ..oversee the planting of an organic farm on the grounds of The White House, our nation’s First Home, at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, D.C.

On March 20, 2009, the petition request was honored and First Lady Michelle Obama broke ground on the White House lawn, with the help of over twenty 5th graders from Bancroft Elementary School.


Like the President is really going to deny a petition from his wife and a gaggle of fifth grade kids from a local elementary school to plant a garden, ..anywhere on the planet!

 you will sign my damn petition 1a


While everyone who signed the petition is an honorary “The Who Farmer,” ..(Daniel Bowman Simon) ..and ..(Casey Gustowarow) ..are the primary “The Who Farmers.”

Daniel Bowman Simon, 28, is a graduate of New York University, with a BS in Marketing. He also completed an MBA at University of the Pacific. He holds a Certificate in Conservation Biology from Columbia University, and is in the slow process of completing a Masters in Urban Planning at New York University Wagner School of Public Service. Prior to The Who Farm, Daniel worked for The Gaia Institute and at the New York City Department of Environmental Protection. Daniel was a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines, working in business development and solid waste management on the island of Bohol, where he lived in a bamboo hut, and became friends with Casey.

Casey Gustowarow, 27, is a graduate of McDaniel College, with a BA in Biology. Prior to The Who Farm, he worked on Ivy Brand Organic Farm in Maryland, and lectured on conservation policy at McDaniel College. Casey was a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines, working in coastal resource management on the island of Bohol, where he lived in a bamboo hut, and became friends with Daniel.


Not taking anything away from Sir Daniel or Sir Casey, I’m sure that their “adventures” in academia, include the edifying taxpayer sponsored jaunt to the Philippines where they became great buds sharing stories of (their) greatness in (their) bamboo hut, ..but, and although…

I’m sure that both (University cast) young men are more than qualified to cultivate a salad on the White House grounds.

Albeit, one afflicted with a “non-academic” ..(common sense) approach to life, ..even with the (unambiguously overpriced) organically grown vegetables across America these days, would be my uneducated conjecture that a head of lettuce from “The Who Farm” could run a $1000 or more?

Again prefacing my knowledge of agriculture, ..(little, none), ..having once worked as an apprentice in my teens years for a local body shop, ..I can tell you that a vehicle like the “Who Farm Mobile” wasn’t cheap, ..especially when factoring in the fact that it was purchased by “our” impetuous (spend like a drunken sailor) ..commander-in-chief, ..for his voracious (I want what I want when I want it) ..first lady.

the who farm mobile 1

  (The Who Farm Mobile).

The Who Farm Mobile is two (late-model) school buses fused together featuring an organic garden on the roof.

It was originally designed by Stefan Sagmeister and Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s, and built by Tom Kennedy, and named Topsy Turvy.

When the “The Who Farm,” acquired the bus, ..they ripped off the roof and planted an organic edible garden.


At the risk of sounding (petty) ..when there are an estimated three to nine million Americans, men, women, and “children” living in America without a proper roof over their heads, ..or access to sustenance beyond the (benevolence) of privately funded missions and soup kitchens, ..for the White House to flaunt its bounty across this nation, and around the world, not only irresponsible,’s perverted.


The “Who Farm Mobile” travels across the country to visit schools, farms, food pantries, farmers’ markets, and festivals in twenty-five states and the District of Columbia in an effort to inform the Nation of “The Who Farm” ..and (Michele’s) petition.

From Independence Day, ..the July 4 through July 11, “The Who Farm” waited for Apples outside the flagship Apple Store on 59th Street in NYC.

Their wait attracted media attention from around the world, and (their) website received hits from 88 countries.

Correct me if I’m wrong, I am fully aware that America never has been, ..nor will it ever be, ..fair and equitable, all. (that’s Life, ..suck it up).

I am also fully aware that there are an abundance of wealthy industrious people in America. Wealthy industrious folks, our current commander-in-chief would have you believe, (are not) the “destruction” of America, ..they are its foundation.

The current degeneration in America cannot be laid at the feet of the wealthy industrious people, it belongs at the feet of the wealthy (non-industrial) folks, ..and/or, ..for want of a better description, ..politicians.

 savins 1

Wake-up America, ..people who spend the money that they earn, ..are frugal and spend wisely…

Obama Spending2 

..whereas in my experience, folks who spend other people’s money, ..are wasteful and foolish.

(Real World Factoid): …

The only folks more wasteful and ignorant than a (liberal) politician, ..are the fools that vote for them.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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