Ya Gotta ask yer’self..

What do you want

Born 26, 023 days ago, ..and/or, ..for those of you with less calculating minds? 71 years, two months, and 28 days. I’ve been around long enough and seen enough, in some cases more than my share. Nevertheless I claim (no expertise) in anything other than what I tell you…

 The White House - Logo 3

..and if you believe that, ..I’ve got a good shot at living in the White House, ..come 2016.

Now then, with today’s “levity” out-of-the-way, ..I’d like to get serious for a moment.

So let’s get right to my opening question, ..shall we?

 Obama Pied Piper 2a 

Do you really want to follow a man who’s “still” campaigning for a job that he’s held for more than four years now, ..albeit has yet to begin performing?

Or would you like to live in the America that I grew up in, a beautiful place, and a wonderful place with trustworthy and friendly neighbors. A place where children, to include, ..(not all) ..but many teenagers…

According to Webster: “fam·i·ly,” (in context) A fundamental social group in society typically consisting of a man and woman and their offspring.

 A place where families…

family dinner 1

..sat down around their dinner table at the same time each evening and broke bread together.


 page break - dark red 1

Philco 12 inch television set 

My father, albeit a gentle man, was a competitive provider, providing us, ..and/or, ..my family with its first television set late in 1947. It was manufactured by Philco, ..it was slightly larger than my mother’s breadbox, ..and it had a 12 inch screen.

1947, ..not a great year, ..albeit, ..the year that I traded in my Crayola’s, ..for a bright yellow number two pencil, ..as it was the year that I started the first grade, ..learning to read, write, and spell.

Although to the best of my recollection, ..spelling and writing weren’t nearly as fun or interesting then as they are now.

Growing up in my (gone bye) America, ..was an amazing experience, ..although we had periodic (atomic attack) drills in our classrooms, ..no one actually had any comprehension of what an atom bomb could do.

Sure, I’d seen lots of Newsreel footage of the “mushrooms” above Hiroshima and Nagasaki, ..but they were simply large clouds, ..and since I’d flown through, under, and over lots of clouds with my father in his open cockpit..


..1939 Stearman PT-17 biplane, I had no fear of clouds.

Frightening, ..and/or, ..terrifying to me, ..in my adolescence, was the unparalleled “Frankenstein Monster,” (Boris Karloff) the “Wolfeman,” (Lon Chaney Jr.) ..and of course (the blood sucking) Dracula, ..and/or, (Bella Lugosi).

Growing up in the 40s and 50s was a lot simpler without cell phones, computers, texting and twittering…



Run, Forest, ..Run.

Tweeting was something a small bright colored bird did outside your bedroom window early in the morning, ..not something that presently has millions of people helplessly harnessed to a diminutive keyboard by their thumbs.

Not that I’m knocking technology, on the contrary I believe technology is wonderful, what I don’t think is wonderful is that America’s youth is in no way shape or form mindfully mature enough to deal with it.

 page break - dark red 1 

(Factoid). More than 60% of voting age college students in America voted for Barack Obama and 95% of the 60% who voted for Barack Obama, have absolutely no idea who Joe Biden is.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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