“One way ..or the Other?”

I say this much 1

                       One way or the other, ..also one way or another.

If you say that you will do something, or that something will (be done) one way or the other, ..you are determined to do it, or that it will (be done), ..although you “do not” know exactly how…

 face-off 1

Question: When did America become a nation of trade-offs?

 we the people clipart

America is a nation of laws!

  the compromise 1a

It’s not a playground or a piggy bank for politicians.

 who's on first 1a

Who’s on first was funny 50 years ago, ..now not so much.

don't blame me 2a

 Being an American is taking responsibility!


By law, I have to pay Obama’s rent, ..feed him, ..clothe him and pay for his transportation, …

 First Amendment on parchment

However, since a couple of our laws, ..the first and second amendments, ..the First Amendment, which provides me with the right to speak and publish my thoughts, ..and my opinions…

 Second Amendment on parchment

..the Second Amendment provides me a guarantee to the “Right to Keep and Bear Arms, ..to protect myself and my family from harm, ..as well as to protect “my” country against corruption and tyranny in “my” government.

Accordingly Mr. President…

 I'll keep my guns 1amy two cents 

Editorial: Both from the critical responses I receive from pro-Obama parasites, and the (lack of response) gendered from the folks with the intellect not to vote for him, I can conclude nothing other than a dead heat in the race for the reins. 

According to Webster: “reins,” (in context) A means or an instrument by which power is exercised.

Think about it my friends, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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