Not everyone with a gun, a banger!

 Target Shooter 6

Alluding to a survey taken by the National Shooting Sports Foundation in 2010, ..overall (target shooting) participation reached a new high with 34.4 million participants.

trapshooting 1

 ..and then there are those who enjoy Trap Shooting.


..and others who enjoy Sporting Clays.

cowboy action 2

cowboy action 1

Another up-and-coming shooting activity, “Cowboy Action,” is gathering a lot of momentum.

 Olympic 2

Olympic trap 1

And of course, for those of us who are “actually” proud to be Americans, we don’t want to forget the men and women who compete for us in the Olympics.

As for myself, a lifelong hunter, as a young man, along with my older brothers, we furnished pretty much all the meat on our dinner table before we “migrated” to a metropolitan area, where there were no rabbits, squirrels or deer.

City dwelling, although plentiful with alternatives to hunting and nature, was never the same. Living in a rural area, at least for me, was unequivocally preferable. In the city, (my rifles) became lonely fixtures in the far back corner of my closet, ..not to see daylight again until the calendar allowed for me to possess a drivers license.

Today more than fifty years later, ..I’m back living in a small upper Midwestern community, where although rabbits do not abound, the occasional “Leporidae” can be viewed foraging at the edge of my lawn.

 foraging bunny rabbit 1a

I have had a magnificent journey, born 19 days following the attack on Pearl Harbor, ..a “horrific” event, and an event that could have been “devastating” to America without America’s Second Amendment.

 Second Amendment of the Constit 2

Although I do not personally carry a firearm for self-defense, I do possess a concealed firearms carry permit, which might confuse some of you?

My reason for not carrying a firearm to protect my person is simple, I live in a community where the weight of my pistol on my hip, ..outweighs the threat to my person.

Question: Then why do I keep a “concealed firearms carry” permit?

The State I live in, a rural State, ..issues concealed firearms carry permits, ..both as a (service) and as a needed (source of income).

A service that (in my humble opinion) is worth twice the price to maintain my Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

..and because not everyone lives in a beautiful (rural) upper Midwestern community.

Fact is, ..most people who actually “need” the protection of “America’s Second Amendment,” in large metropolitan areas, ..where self-defense, (when considering the response time for police to arrive) ..might be the only “real” defense an individual has.

 self-defense 1

Now that I’ve offered you a few positive aspects of firearms ownership and our “Second Amendment,” I would be remiss in my duty to my readers, ..if I didn’t provide an image of the dark side…

 gang banger 1

..the undesirable element in our society, ..the “unscrupulous” and unconscionable gang banger, ..and the drive-by shooter.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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