Questions American’s should be asking?

With Barack Obama auditioning over the past few weeks to ace…

 Tracy Morgan 1

..Tracy Morgan out of his job as host of the TV show scare tactics,…

 the five 1

 ..along with the listening to the carefree idiocy spewing from between the lips of (daytime) televisions (ultra mix-matched) talking heads about how “our” commander-in-chief needs to start considering the needs of the American people.

Day after day, every talking head on every network is issuing the same garbage…

Typical conservatives rhetoric; “When is Obama going to give up on political maneuvering and begin doing the job he was elected to do?”

Typical liberal rhetoric; “When are conservatives going to stop badgering the president and accept the fact that he knows what he’s doing?”

The answer to both questions of course is…

never 1a

 Barack Obama, although he has lived in the White House for more than four years now, ..and has drawn a salary from the U.S. Treasury for the same period, “sadly” ..(at least in my opinion), ..he has yet to begin performing the job of Pres. of the United States.

Question: So if Barack Obama hasn’t been performing the duties of the President of the United States, ..what the hell is he doing in the White House?

To which of course, (at least in my opinion), the short answer in a nutshell is…

  Barack Obama in a nutshell 2a

Barack Obama is in the White House because team Obama was better at (herding) ”simpleminded people,” ..than team Romney was…

simpleminded people 1

..and anyone who believes any differently, in (my considered opinion) simply a retard or a brain-dead liberal, and since the two are interchangeable, ..please chalk my revelation up as a public service.

Question: Can anyone name a commercial enterprise, ..or a corporation, ..where-in the “spouse” of the CEO, and/or, ..the boss ..(who is not employed by the company) provided a personal staff of twenty-two, assist her on the company’s dime, any manner which she sees fit?

Office of the First Lady of the United States..

Michelle Obama - thumbs Up 1a

The Office of the First Lady of the United States is accountable to the First Lady of the United States for her to carry out her duties as (hostess) of the White House, and is also in charge of all social and ceremonial events of the White House.


Correct me if I’m wrong, ..albeit after reading the Constitution more than a dozen times, I still can’t find anything written in its content describing the duties of a president’s wife.


The First Lady has her own staff that includes the White House Social Secretary, a Chief of Staff, Press Secretary, Chief Floral Designer, Executive Chef, etc.

The Office of the First Lady is an entity of the White House Office, part of the Executive Office of the President.


According to Webster: “en·ti·ty,” Something that exists as a particular and discrete unit.

Question: What is discrete about (tax funded) salaries for 16 individuals who work for an individual who; (at least to my knowledge) ..was neither elected or hired by the taxpayers of the United States of America.

A Much Better Question: (in two parts) ..if the first lady of the United States (is indeed) ..a government job? ..why then, (is it not) advertised and accessible to anyone seeking a job?

Ego and guile have always made interesting bedfellows, and with America’s proclivity for “creating” tradition to (mask) it’s youthful (smash and grab) heritage, I find no mystery in the wife of a powerful man taking advantage of an opportunity to add to her “our” purse.



First Lady Caroline Harrison could be widely considered to be the first First Lady to have a staff, whose niece served as social secretary.

Florence Harding had a “funded staff”, a social secretary and an assistant.

Grace Coolidge had a social secretary, Polly Randolph.

Eleanor Roosevelt had a staff of only two, her personal secretary and aide Malvina Thompson, and social secretary Edith Helm; at first, the three of them had a second-floor office in the Mansion, but later initiated the use of a first lady’s office in the newly constructed East Wing.

Bess Truman had a personal secretary and used Mrs. Roosevelt’s former White House sitting room while two other secretaries, plus the White House Military Aide, were located in the East Wing.

Mamie Eisenhower had Mrs. Roosevelt’s old desk placed in her bedroom. Mamie’s social secretary headed a small staff in the East Wing.

Jackie Kennedy had a staff of forty in the East Wing, directed by the social secretary; her unofficial office was the Treaty Room on the second floor of the Mansion.

Lady Bird Johnson and Pat Nixon both used a sitting room/dressing room adjacent to the bedroom as their offices; their staffs were in the East Wing.

Betty Ford used the Treaty Room as her office and also had a desk in her sitting room.

Rosalynn Carter broke tradition and set up an office for herself in the East Wing, and for the first time it was formally called “Office of the First Lady.” Her principal assistant was the first to hold a separately identified position with the title “chief of staff to the first lady.”

Nancy Reagan moved her office back into the center of the second floor of the Mansion, though her staff remained in the East Wing; she benefited from the 1978 statute Pub.L. 95–570 which authorizes “assistance and services . . . to be provided to the spouse of the President in connection with assistance provided by such spouse to the President in the discharge of the President’s duties and responsibilities.”

Hillary Clinton broke tradition even further: the President gave her an office on the second floor of the West Wing itself; her staff of twenty (plus another fifteen interns and volunteers) was divided between a suite in the EisenhowerExecutiveOfficeBuilding and the traditional locus of the East Wing.

First Lady Laura Bush had her office in the East Wing, and delivered the President’s radio address to the nation on November 17, 2001. She undertook many foreign trips on her own, meeting and talking with several foreign chiefs of state.


 new citizens 1

(I Pledge Allegiance)

Question: What’s the difference between a current American citizen, …

 domestic sheep 2


..and a domestic sheep?

Current first Lady, Michelle Obama’s…

Chief of Staff to the First Lady: Tina Tchen.

Deputy Chief of Staff to the First Lady: Melissa Winter.

Deputy Chief of Staff to the First Lady: David Medina

Special Assistant to the President and Director of Communications for the First Lady: Kristina Schake.

Deputy Communications Director for the First Lady: Semonti Stephens.

Press Secretary for the First Lady: Hannah August.

Director of Policy and Projects: Jocelyn Frye.

Deputy Director of Policy and Projects: Trooper Sanders. 

Director of Scheduling and Advance: Franny Starkey Sanguin.

Deputy Director of Scheduling & Events: Jennifer Goodman.

Special Assistant for Scheduling &Traveling Aide: Kristen Jarvis.

Associate Counsel to the President and Counsel to the First Lady.

Special Assistant to the President and White House Social Secretary: Jeremy Bernard.

Deputy White House Social Secretary: Ebs Burnough.

Deputy White House Social Secretary: Joe Reinstein.

Deputy White House Social Secretary: Samantha Tubman. (Source Wikipedia).

According to fact, Wikipedia seems to be coming up a bit short in its reporting…


The combined annual salaries for the 22 staffers we can specifically identify as working for Michelle Obama come to $1.6 million.

For the 18 we could identify as working for Laura Bush in 2008, the total is $1.4 million. (Source, fact

Question: With it currently, common knowledge, even among (the brain-dead “future citizens” in our universities),…

 brain-dead college student 1

..with America teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.

  bankruptcy next exit 1a long are “we the people” going to continue to allow the insanity concocted on a daily basis by both sides of the aisle in Washington D.C. to continue?

I may be a little old-fashioned and grossly out of touch with 21st Century technology, ..(albeit in my humble opinion), 1.6 Million dollars a year for a staff, (to carry) Michelle Obama’s water and wipe her butt, not “simply” a bit ridiculous, is totally outrageous.

According to Webster: “out·ra·geous,” Grossly offensive to decency and morality.

Solution: Eliminate the carpetbaggers and re-embrace the Constitution of the United States.


Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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