The (unwritten) benefits in Obamacare..

Although I have not personally read any part of Barack Obama’s controversial (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act), …

 Obama care side effects 1a

With new information coming to light, ..pretty much every minute, ..of every day in America, those of us with God’s gift of common sense are now able to conclude that Obamacare and Barack Obama’s agenda in general will indeed (save) many and possibly millions of lives over the next four years.

I know, ..I know, ..I have “literally” ..(a little play on words), been unequivocally skeptical, ..and in opposition to Barack Obama’s (ideology) ..and his (socialist agenda) for the last twenty-tree months in this blog.

 I have seen the light 3a

But I have now seen the light…

..I see a future, (at least for the next four years) where-in teenage fatalities from traffic accidents could be reduced up to 98% as it was announced last week that gasoline in the U.S. could reach eight dollars a gallon or above.

In which case, ..alluding to my immensely appreciated “God-given Common Sense,” with our economy in the toilet as it is under this president, ..the only folks in America that will have the (wherewithal) to use their automobiles will be the “CEOs of Fortune 500 companies,” ..politicians, ..and drug dealers.

Trivia… Duryea Motor Wagon

In March 1896, Charles and Frank Duryea offered for sale the first commercial automobile, the Duryea Motor Wagon. Two months later, New York City motorist Henry Wells hit a bicyclist with his new Duryea. The rider suffered a broken leg, Wells spent a night in jail and the nation’s first traffic accident was recorded. (Source

With doctors, ..hospitals, ..and medical care, destined to be (unaffordable) to (all) ..except for the “exceptionally wealthy,” and/or, the “elite,” under Barack Obama’s (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act)…

Raising the price of gasoline in America, ..which of course in turn, ..will raise the price of everything else in the Nation, will serve to save lives.

Rationalization: …

If an American citizen can’t afford gasoline, it goes without saying that he or she would have no use for a motor vehicle.

 lighthouse 1a

A circumstance when considered in the proper light? Would not only reduce the number of teenage vehicle fatalities, ..a teenager without an automobile would also serve to reduce the number of teenage pregnancies.

 teenage pregnancy 1

After an exhaustive search on more than 20 sites promising statistics on teenage pregnancy, I have come up with zip for a (number) of how many teenage girls got pregnant in 2012.

More Trivia…

It would seem from my search, ..that (our society) ..and (our government) “every bit” as concerned with concealing the (truth) about the number of teenage pregnancies in America, as (they), ..”our society,” ..and ”our government,” ..are about concealing ..(the truth) ..about “our” Second Amendment.


Of course with the price of gasoline at eight dollars a gallon and America’s “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.” providing for America’s healthcare to be (unaffordable), girls and/or, women of any age won’t be getting pregnant, ..and since the cost of shoes, eyeliner and hairspray, ..will be beyond their budgets as well.

 Rosie O'Donnell 1a

I mean, ..come on people, ..think about it, ..can you think of a more efficient method of birth control that woman without makeup?

Of course I know there is someone out there who is going to insist that: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

 Neanderthal man 1a

 So behold this; Neanderthal, lived 100,000 years ago.

Although no one will tell you the (actual truth) about why the (consistently unattractive) Neanderthal went extinct 100,000 years ago, ..I’ve personally decided to break the silence, the Neanderthal went extinct because they did not have access to makeup. 

Under the leadership of Barack Obama, is my fervent belief that the (retarded, ..and/or, ..brainwashed half) ..of the Nation, ..that reelected “our” (screw the next generation) ..I want to live large now, “commander-in-chief,” ..will without a doubt, have a thorough understanding how the Neanderthal lived and faced their extinction by 2016.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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