America needs a Solution..

gears 2

I have been a citizen of the United States for 71 years. I was a citizen when Adolf Hitler and Emperor Hirohito endeavored to bend the world to their will.

I am a proud citizen, I have always obeyed America’s laws, I have always paid my taxes, and I am a patriot.

According to Webster: “pa·tri·ot,” One who loves, supports, and defends one’s country.

 Uncle Sam - I want you 1a

I answered the call from my government on March 19, 1964 to serve in the U.S. Army.

I defended America against communism in the Republic of South Vietnam in 1965.

On November 12, 1965, I was part of an operation that took place in a peanut field 35 miles northeast of Saigon.

 the Purple Heart 2

For my actions, I was awarded the commendation medal for heroism and the Purple Heart for wounds received.

I was a member of the American workforce for 46 years.

 Social Security card 1a

Today, at 71 years of age I am retired and totally dependent upon my Social Security benefit. My name is not among the names on the list of people who are doing well.

 get the facts about gold

Yet I have a roof over my head because I don’t buy into the fads and follies designed by those who are doing well, ..(the greedy) ..and/or, the folks on Wall Street, and/or, ..corporate America.


Even if gold was digestible, (in my considered opinion), it still would not be a good investment.


 empty pockets 3 (2)

I live within my means, ..even though my means are meager.

Question: So how do we, “We the People,” ..who live within our means, ..even though “our” means, ..are (meager), ..fix America?

The simple answer; “We “fire” the government.”

In industry, when an individual, or a group of individuals are not functioning, ..and/or, (producing) the benefit of the company that employs them, ..they are issued, ..and/or, given a pink slip, ..and/or, ..termination papers.

According to Webster: “gov·ern·ing,” To administer the public policy and affairs of the sovereign authority.

Editorial: Setting aside all of the personalities, ..philosophies and ..ideologies present in Washington D.C.,…

 Washington bickering 1a

..if “our” government, ”our” (employees) ..were functioning to the benefit of America’s citizens, ..”we” ..America would not be $16 trillion dollars in debt.

Impeachment is a formal process by which an (official) “is accused” of (unlawful activity), the outcome of which, …

 impeach Obama 1a

..depending on the country, (may include the removal) of that (official) from office as well as criminal or civil punishment. (Source Wikipedia).

Of course, alluding to my God-given common sense I realize that simply impeaching, and or, terminating Barack Obama’s employment as President of the United States would be no more of a solution than trying to stop the flow of the mighty Mississippi with a roll of paper towels, (even Bounty!).

Barack Obama, ..although currently the (head) of the snake, he is but an infinitesimal cog in the wheel that is grinding, not only (America’s population) into a “meal for the elite,” but the entire world’s population as well.

America’s dollar, even beset upon as disrespectfully as it is,

 one dollar bill - frustrated is still the main source of power upon the planet.

America, and/or, “we the people,” in order to save America as it was intended to be by our founding fathers, “we the people,” need to bring our dollar home.

We need to “Donald Trump” ..and/or, explicate (your fired) in the face of every man and woman currently in the employ of “our” Federal Government. To be replaced by (citizens) real citizens, ..not to include Politicians, Bankers and Lawyers.

For too long now the criteria has been, (elect me, I have a law degree, and I am a constitutional scholar). ..or, (elect me, I have a degree in economics, and I have managed a business for 20 years).

How great would it be to have a man or a woman living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue who knows how to manage his or her family’s income without bouncing a check?

In closing; …

 no society ever thrived 1

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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