Question of the day..

Good morning, yeah it’s me again, back in time for breakfast with another serving of reality and common sense.

George Washington the father of

If George Washington is the father of our country, …

According to Webster: “fa·ther,” (in context) A man who creates, originates, or founds something: a title of respect.

 Barack Obama the mother 1a  of our

..what does that make Barack Obama?

our mother or our nanny 4

According to Webster: “moth·er,” (in context) A woman who nurtures a child.

According to Webster: “nan·ny,” A children’s nurse.

 shall I go on 2a

As previously stated, ..many ..many times, as an individual without University (fetchin’ up). I’m pretty much limited to my God-given common sense, ..which of course has served me well for 71 years now.

 Johnny Appleseed 1

Let’s borrow a tree from Johnny Appleseed’s orchard for my next example; …

Johnny, being a conservative hard-working man, saw his apple trees as an entity to be cultivated and maintain, …

 Apple Orchard 1 

..whereas traditionally a liberal individual looks at Johnny’s apples and only sees delicious healthy snack.

rancher 1a 

Of course I could have just as easily made my point with a rancher who views his herd as an entity to be nurtured and maintained…

 Obama indulgence 1

..while “our” liberal population, ..still can’t see beyond lunch.

With Barack Obama, (at least in my opinion) with purpose of forethought and consideration for no one other than his far left disciples, America is circling the economic drain for more than half of its citizens. Which of course, as standard fare, it is once again, and/or, still (the economically challenged half).

The half, (sadly) that voted for Barack Obama’s promises of more free stuff. The half, ..(sadly) ..that either can’t read, ..or doesn’t have the inclination to look beyond the keypad on their smart phones.

According to Webster: “i·ro·ny,” (in context) A literary style employing contrasts for humorous or rhetorical effect.

Statement of fact; “If the youth of America (were) as “smart” as their cell phones, Barack Obama (would not) have been reelected President of the United States.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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