My Brother from another Mother?

Barack and a brother

Question: What the hell does that mean? 

Well, according to (at least a half a dozen) sites on the World Wide Web, ..and/or, ..cyberspace?

Liking the format provided by, I offer you the definition(s) below…

Urban expression Brother From Another Mother

A term used to describe a good friend that you have known almost your whole life. The word “brother” is used because the friend is extremely close to you to the point that he is almost like your brother–but from a different mother. And that rhymes. And you know that rhymes. Admit it!

“What’s happenin’ my brother from another mother?”
by Elmer, Jan 20, 2005.

A friend to whom you are not related but spend most of your time with especially around their home.

A person who almost lives with you after abandonment by their parents or their running away from their parents.

My brother from another mother eats with us every night cause his moms a late night hooker. (Source,

Although I originate from a family of eight, a mother a father, four brothers and a sister…

 Roper Family 1a

..throughout my life I have had many close friends, in school, in the military, and while a member of America’s workforce, I personally have no recollection of ever alluding to the phrase in question; “My brother from another mother.”

With or with out the “slang preface” (yo). 

All life is a journey, (or at least that’s the way I choose to view it), …

 life is a journey 1

According to Webster: “jour·ney,” The act of traveling from one place to another; a trip.

Which of course sounds simplistic when you presented in 10 words, (unless of course) you’re one of those folks that “split hairs” ..and count (A) as a word, which case we’re talking eleven.

Life is a beautiful thing, all life. Although my life did not begin on a paved road through a majestic panorama, I have done well, regardless of ill decisions made in my youth, I am proud to have served the stars and stripes.

I have never been unemployed, except by my own choosing and when I’ve had rent to pay, was always paid on time. I understand hunger, both for sustenance and for acquisition, as I have experienced both.

I have experienced love, ..and I have experienced hate. My road has been under construction for seventy-one years now and to anyone who might value my opinion? I say to you; ..

 love is a far better path 2b 

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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