Trick Question..

where did you grow up 2

Where did you grow up?

Question: Is adulthood measured by physical progression, emotional stability or intellectual development?

Take your pick, ..or create your own, there is no right answer or wrong answer, ..the measure of “childhood and adulthood are 100% subjective.”

According to Webster: “sub·jec·tive,” 1. Proceeding from or taking place within a person’s mind such as to be unaffected by the external world. b. Particular to a given person.

Consequently, since this is my blog, ..and I have full editorial discretion, ..I’m going to go with what I believe.

Which of course is simple; “An adult is an individual (who is not) distracted from responsibility.” Which of course, ..makes my definition of a child; “An individual (who is distracted from responsibility).

Accordingly, (at least in my considered opinion), ..although children do not qualify as adults until they both “understand and accept” responsibility… adult can revert to childhood in the blink of an eye or the drop of a hat.

 bicycle 2

When I was a child, I had a bicycle that I utilized, ..both for transportation, (an adult modality) ..and fun, ..a childhood pursuit.

 biker 2

Later when I came to understand and accept responsibility, I purchased a motorcycle, ..and/or, (a bicycle) ..that you don’t have to paddle, ..and that instantly transports adults back to their childhood.

We, ..people, (men and women), ..individually, ..or in groups, (we never really grow up). Although some, ..grow wiser, ..we all grow older, ..wisdom and age can be a benefit, ..albeit no single trait or belief makes us grown-ups, ..and “those” ..that claim the title, ..are knowingly or unknowingly misleading the rest of us.

 bumper car 3

Case in point, favorite (man child) “critique,” Barack Hussein Obama.

One day he stands before the Nation eloquently explicating a masterfully composed proclamation from his teleprompter and the next he sounds like a blithering idiot expounding his belief that government is no longer about the people,…

 Obama wrippin the Constitution.1a jpg

..but rather the government is (NOW) about him.

Over the last twenty-three months, ..long months, ..I have expounded, criticized, ostracized, and many times literally undressed this man in front of America.

I’ve exposed the “un-American ” environment that Barack Obama was subjected to as a child, ..a (selfish) father that deserted him to pursue his education, (equally selfish) mother who sent him to live with her parents so she could pursue her quests, ..mentors who were devout members of the communist party, ..attending a grade school in Jakarta, Indonesia that required allegiance to the Muslim faith.

 Obama the first child 1a

And America is supposed to believe that this child grew up to be a well-adjusted patriotic Christian?

 I am your duly elected leader 2

My personal opinion, ..”No way in Hell.”

Cutting to the chase, ..I believe who we were as children, who we are as adults, .. so, (in my humble opinion) is not humanly possible for one to escape the other 

Have a great day, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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