Do wealthy Old White Men have rights?

Ebenezer Scrooge 1

          (Ebenezer, ..what’s his name).

Speaking for myself, ..and from my own experiences, a 71-year-old (not wealthy) white man, (who purchases lottery tickets twice a week).

I can truthfully say that I have never met anyone who would not like to be a ..(wealthy old white man). While in the same breath, I can just as honestly say; “I have never met anyone who has related to me that they would prefer to be a ..(poor old black person), ..or a poor old person of any ethnicity.

Question: Why at this particular time in history, ..(with a few chosen exceptions of course) ..are rich old white men being villainized?

Could it (possibly) be because the individual currently living in the White House thinks like a disenfranchised black man?

 Barack and Elizabeth 1

Because, (at least in my interpretation) ..he sure isn’t living like a disenfranchised black man.

Moving forward, ..(again with a few exceptions, ..very few), disenfranchised individuals, ..of any “ethnicity,” ..have ever contributed any significant contribution to the advancement, and/or, ..betterment of mankind.

Nonetheless, history has recorded many (monkey wrenches) thrown into the mix to give “credence” to the disenfranchised masses. Albeit, history also records that the (eventual result) is always the same.

In my 46 years in the American workforce, ..I neither sought employment from, ..or was hired by a hobo…


Question: Do Hobos have rights?

Because now that I’ve asked the question, ..I’m at a loss to recall any group or organization that has ever advocated for Hobo’s rights.

There are advocate groups for civil rights, women’s rights, children’s rights, animal’s rights, environmental rights, gay’s rights, gun rights, prisoner’s rights, human rights, the (Left’s) rights, ..and so on and so on, ..albeit, there are (no advocate groups) ..for Hobo’s rights, ..and moving beyond, ..I’ve also never heard of an advocate group for the (Right’s) rights.

Come on people, ..this is “America,” of the (free) ..and home of the (brave), get your heads out of your armpits and give (rich old white men) there due.

They built this country from the ground up, so get off of their backs and get on the bandwagon, ..we need to give “rich old white men” a parade.

 Rich people rule 1

As for our Commander-in-Chief…

 George and Bo 1


I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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