One law for black folks, ..and another law for whites?

voter fraud 2aI voted for Obama twice

Question of the Day: “Under the (Obama Administration,) the law black and white?”  ..or is it black, (or) white?

The (BIG DEAL) is, ..although (voting is a right) America, until you get caught voting twice, (ie) ..voter fraud, which point voting ceases to be a (right) and becomes, a (privilege) that (you lose) ..when you go to jail.

If you don’t believe me, ..find yourself a convicted felon and ask him or her.

American citizens, (whether or not) they have the intellect to understand the “Rights and Privileges” (granted to them) by the Constitution of this great Nation, ..they (do indeed) have the same rights and privileges to vote, ..the same “Freedom of Speech” ..and the same “Freedom of the Press” and the same “Right to Keep and Bear Arms,” and the same right to be protected from unreasonable search and seizure without a warrant, those (with) the intellect to understand what a (BIG DEAL) it is to be an American citizen.

What the people with the intellect to make statements like; “Yeah, I voted for Obama twice, what’s the big deal.” ..made by Mrs. Richardson of Cincinnati in the public domain don’t understand is; “Barack Obama (is not) her friend, nor is he her savior, ..or her benefactor in any way shape or form that has true value.”

Barack Obama is not a champion bent on rescuing the black population from poverty. He is in fact, ..(nothing more, ..or nothing less) ..than a politician bent on securing his own rise from poverty, ..and (if I do say so myself), ..he has done an admirable job of rescuing himself from poverty.

The sad thing for Mrs. Richardson, (who I’m sure has a very good heart), ..while Barack and Michelle Obama dine, ..drink fine wine, ..and enjoy the amenities at the White House for the next four years, ..Mrs. Richardson will be dining, (without fine wine) ..and enduring the amenities at the big House.

Shame on you Mrs. Richardson, not for voting twice, ..but rather for being (intellectually challenged) enough to vote twice.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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