The Pot calling the Kettle black..

the pot calling the kettle blac

The phrase “The pot calling the kettle black” is an, ..(idiom) used to claim that a person is guilty of the very thing of which they accuse another. (Source Wikipedia).

According to Webster: “id·i·om,” ..(¹d“¶-…m) A speech form or an expression of a given language that is peculiar to itself grammatically or cannot be understood from the individual meanings of its elements.

Interpretations and origins…

As generally understood, the person accusing (the “pot”) is understood to share some quality with the target of their accusation (the “kettle”). The pot is mocking the kettle for a little soot when the pot itself is thoroughly covered in the same.

An alternative interpretation, recognized by some, but not all sources is that the pot is sooty (being placed on a fire), while the kettle is clean and shiny (being placed on coals only), and hence when the pot accuses the kettle of being black, it is the pot’s own sooty reflection that it sees: the pot accuses the kettle of a fault that only the pot has, rather than one that they share. (Source Wikipedia).

So what does the phrase the pot calling the kettle black have to do with today’s offering?

Absolutely nothing!

Unless of course you have the imagination to consider an alternative? Such as Aesop’s fable of (the snake in the crab), where-in the crab is an honest character who kills the snake for the common good.

If you allude to the following poem that is found in the school book “Maxwell’s Elementary Grammar”, copyright 1904…

“Oho!” said the pot to the kettle;
“You are dirty and ugly and black!
Sure no one would think you were metal,
Except when you’re given a crack.”

“Not so! not so!” kettle said to the pot;
“‘Tis your own dirty image you see;
For I am so clean – without blemish or blot –
That your blackness is mirrored in me.”

Then one could justify an inroad, (albeit a thin one) into an article written by Cyrus Afzali, published on 13, February, 2013, ..entitled;

Van Jones: Rubio Is ‘Dangerous’ to Democrats…

 Van Jones fist in your face

Sen. Marco Rubio’s delivery of the GOP response to the State of the Union shows he’s a force the Democrats must reckon with, says former White House advisor Van Jones.

The Florida Republican poses a “dangerous” political threat to Democrats because of his keen ability to emotionally connect with voters, Jones said.

The most talked-about point in Rubio’s speech has become his off-camera lunge for a bottle of water. But on CNN on Wednesday, Jones said, “People can chuckle today. But they’re going to be worried about him tomorrow.”

When asked by CNN anchor Carol Costello whether the only takeaway most viewers most viewers would have from Rubio was his stumble, Jones said he believed Democrats “dodged a bullet.”

“Rubio is dangerous for Democrats,” Jones said. “I’m so glad we’re talking about him and we’re joking about him because right when he reached for that water bottle, he was reaching an emotional part of the speech which he stepped on.”

Jones said the while Florida’s junior senator “has an extreme record,” Rubio’s political skill shone through in the last 90 seconds of his speech, which Jones said was “extremely powerful.”

“(Rubio) is to the heart what Paul Ryan is to the head,” Jones said. “This man can connect emotionally. Democrats dodged a bullet.”  (Source

Anthony Kapel “Van” Jones (born September 20, 1968) is an American environmental advocate, civil rights activist, and attorney.

Jones is a co-founder of four non-profit organizations. In 1996, he founded the EllaBakerCenter for Human Rights, a California non-governmental organization (NGO) working for alternatives to violence.

In 2005, he co-founded Color of Change, an advocacy group for African Americans. In 2007, he founded Green for All, a national NGO dedicated to “building an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty.”

In 2011, he founded Rebuild the Dream, a national advocacy organization working towards a fairer economy. His first book, The Green Collar Economy, was released on October 7, 2008, and reached number 12 on the New York Times Best Seller list.

In 2008, Time magazine named Jones one of its “Heroes of the Environment”.

Fast Company called him one of the “12 Most Creative Minds of 2008”.

In March 2009 Jones was appointed by President Barack Obama to the newly created position of Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, where he worked with various “agencies and departments to advance the administration’s climate and energy initiatives, with a special focus on improving vulnerable communities.

In July 2009 he became “embroiled in a controversy” over his past political activities, including a public comment disparaging congressional Republicans, his name appearing on a petition for, and allegations of association with a Marxist group during the 1990s. For these issues, Van Jones was heavily criticized by conservatives.

Jones resigned from the position in early September 2009. “On the eve of historic fights for health care and clean energy, opponents of reform have mounted a vicious smear campaign against me,” Jones said in his resignation statement. “They are using lies and distortions to distract and divide.”

Jones is currently a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress and a senior policy advisor at Green for All. Jones also holds a joint appointment at PrincetonUniversity, as a distinguished visiting fellow in both the Center for African American Studies and in the Program in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. (Source Wikipedia).

 Van Jones fist in the air 1a

Question: Why does an intelligent, ..”educated” individual choose revolution?

Don’t intelligent educated individuals understand that conflict (passive or violent) ..isn’t good for anyone?

Human beings, at least (in my humble opinion), ..are guided by one of two things, (love)” ..or, (hatred). Men and women guided by “love” historically unite, ..whereas, ..those guided by “hatred” ..historically divide.

 Marco Rubio in front of the fla

Marco Antonio Rubio (born May 28, 1971) is the junior United States Senator from Florida, serving since January 2011. A member of the Republican Party, he previously served as Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives (2007–2009).

A Cuban American native of Miami, Florida, Rubio is a graduate of the University of Florida and the University of Miami Law School.

In the late 1990s, he served as a City Commissioner for West Miami and was elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 2000, representing the 111th House district. He was elected Speaker in November 2006.

Rubio announced a run for U.S. Senate in May 2009 after incumbent Republican Mel Martinez resigned. Initially trailing by double-digits against the incumbent Republican Governor Charlie Crist, Rubio eventually surpassed him in polling for the Republican nomination.

Rubio won the Republican nomination after Crist opted instead for an independent run. In a three-way split against Crist and Democratic candidate Kendrick Meek, Rubio won the general election in November 2010 with 48.9 percent of the vote.

The term “crown prince of the Tea Party movement” has been used both as praise and ridicule, although Rubio has no direct connection to that movement. While it was reported in June 2012 that Mitt Romney was vetting Rubio as a possible running mate, Romney ultimately selected Paul Ryan.

Rubio gave the Republican response to President Barack Obama’s 2013 State of the Union Address.

Rubio voted against the 2012 Fiscal Cliff Resolutions in the hopes of maintaining principles with the party.

Although he has received criticism for this position and is said to be alienating members of the Republican party, he remains resolute in his goals to keep taxes lowered.

He has been accused by some of being too extreme within the party and could potentially cause a divide.

Whereas Paul Ryan is seen as more of a political pragmatist in his support for the resolution to gain popular support, …

  Marco Rubio at work

Rubio prefers his principled stances.

Rubio rose to prominence through his base due to his pledge for fiscal responsibility and determination on not raising taxes.

However, despite his constant resilience on fiscal platforms, in 2012 he urged his party to compromise on the DREAM Act to keep from alienating Hispanic voters from the Republican party.

When he delivered the official response to the 2013 State of the Union address, liberal commentators criticized Rubio for blaming government actions as being the main cause of the housing crisis; saying that it had been laxity of regulation he had supported which lead to the problem. (Source Wikipedia).

 Marco Rubio hand up and open

 Rubio with arm raised, albeit, please note his hand is open. 

Although there is a fraction among my readers who believe that I have some knowledge of the future, I don’t. Which is testified to by the fact that in “twenty” years of buying lottery tickets, ..I have yet to hit the jackpot.

I’m just an ordinary old guy that believes in right over wrong and spends a portion of each day seeking the truth.

 Little Abner 2

With that said, I’ll dip into Little Abner’s world for a moment and offer this advice; …

“If I had my druthers, ..I’d “druther” support a man displaying an open hand, ..than a man displaying a closed fist.”

Uphold what you believe in, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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