Question(s) of the Day..

is America corrupt 2

If our government is made up of the people, by the people and for the people, are all of America’s people this jocular, detached and corrupt?

turtle in the deep blue sea 1

If the answer to my first question is; (Yes) ..(Absolutely) ..or a turtle pops up out of the deep blue and expounds; “You bet your sweet ass”.

Then my next question has to be, why in the hell do we elect a President?


If the answer to my second question is issued by the Road Runner suddenly appearing from nowhere being chased by Wiley coyote riding an Acme rocket with; ..

(Beep-Beep, ..we don’t).

..ever hear of the electoral College?

  George Washington inaugural bal

The elite didn’t trust the common folks from day one. 

A sad state of affairs to be sure, ..albeit what is even sadder, is what we have in the White House today…

Barack and Michelle partying

 ..a pair of egomaniacal dilettantes who are enjoying a grand lifestyle on our dime. 

So my third question has to be, what the hell are we actually paying taxes for?

Beginning at age 13 with a work permit issued by my school district, I received my first taxable paycheck and I didn’t look back until I was medically retired, the age of 59 after four back surgeries.

I invested 46 years of my life in America’s workforce, I paid my dues, ..and I put in my time. So (why don’t I) receive the same, ..or (even a larger) retirement benefit, ..than an individual who works for me? Especially, ..when (he or she) are individuals who’s labor requires no strength or agility?

I know that hard work is supposed to be its own reward, and I suppose one could make a case for the fact that ..(it was) ! ..until union organizers came along and made hard work and their reward.

 common working people 2

Why should a man or a woman who fulfills an obligation of four or eight years in a job, leave that job with a retirement package beyond the imagination of a man or a woman who puts in 35 to 40 years banging nails, checking groceries, or driving a truck?

 is America corrupt 2

Take another look at this picture, focusing on these people’s facial expressions, this man the President of the United States, ..or is he a comedy writer?

There is nothing funny about arrogance or tyranny.

Being an independent thinking “Septuagenarian,” the solace I take away from America’s current decline, is the knowledge that neither, ..I, ..nor God, ..had (any part) in the invention of the telephone, ..the television, ..or the Teleprompter.

Thank you, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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