Question of the day..

As a simple, (formally) “uneducated” individual, ..I readily admit that I am “incapable” of asking anything other than simple questions, here’s a simple question for you to ponder…

poisoning America's food 5

Would you cook your family’s food in Roundup weed killer?

If so? You are most likely a product of academia, ..and/or, a college graduate.

As a bona fide high school dropout, dependent on (common sense) to guide me through life, I would strongly recommend that anyone in possession of  a “University” diploma, ..please read no further, (I believe) ..that the “information” ..that I’m about to impart, ..will only confuse you.

Question: So what in the hell qualifies me to pass judgment on individuals with university degrees?

Why not? Individuals from academia have passed judgment on me all my life, and with that said, I have never worked for or, ..with, individual with a university degree that, ..once he or she got to know me, ..didn’t seek my counsel.

Admittedly, ..there are many, many ..things, ..that I don’t understand, ..such as the computer I’m currently (talking to), or the Internet, ..albeit, ..I am unequivocally aware that my body was not designed to assimilate chemicals that my body itself does not create.

 poisoning America's food 4

Question: Have you ever heard anyone “rattle off” ..a list of (side effects) (long as your arm) ..for a product that God created?

Pharmaceutical companies and chemical manufacturers glean “Billions of Dollars” from the world’s economy every year, and to what end? …

Profit and power!

..because as “everyone knows” who has ever had a dollar in his or her pocket, money is power.

Although I’m sure the Board of Directors at “Red Bull” would argue, (in the real world),’s not (Red Bull) ..that gives you wings,’s money.

 Thor 2a

Seems that no matter how hard I hammer on the subject, half the population of America still refuses to accept that we, “we the people”, ..the population not only of America, ..but the population of the world, ..are in for a ride, ..a (Mr. Toad’s Wild ride) ..that only the Rothschilds, ..and Rockefellers are prepared for.

If you’re one of the common sense folks, even if you went to college? If you agree with me that cooking your family’s food in Roundup weed killer would be insane…

poisoning America's food 2

..then, (at least in my opinion) you should agree with me that bathing America’s food supply with poison in the fields, just as insane.

So let’s turn the page, ..and go old-school, ..and/or, seeing is believing.  

lab rat 1

This little guy wasn’t  given a choice, ..accordingly, is my personal recommendation to you or anyone with the capacity to read,…

children reading 1 have a choice, ..if you don’t exercise it for yourself, it for them.

agent orange education campaign


Double Tap the URL above and pay Attention.

get involved 1a


I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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