Hello Dusty, ..may I call you Dusty?

Dusty 3

To begin, I don’t find your comments in any way shape or form, insulting or unreasonable. As I am an individual who believes in America’s First Amendment, ..I accept (your opinion), ..for what it is, ..(your opinion).

 Derrick Bell 3

(Harvard Prof. Derrick Bell)

With that said; I will attempt to explain my offering in which Prof. Derrick Bell was scrutinized.


As the Lions share of that particular blog was gleaned from Wikipedia, and identified as being gleaned, and/or sourced from Wikipedia, ..I take no credit, ..or “responsibility” for its content.

As for my sidebars and my editorials, clearly labeled as my comments and my opinions, I stand behind them.

(Sidebar) “As a layman with minimal formal education, if I were to allow myself to consider the tradition in America of avenues moving in both directions, I might be inclined to perceive Prof. Bell’s comment concerning “white, well-off, middle-aged men,” ..to be bigoted?”

In this (sidebar) I identify myself, not as an ignorant person, but rather as an individual with minimal formal education, with the operative word here being: (formal). When I wrote:

(I might be inclined),

…I was being diplomatic in an effort not to offend individuals with the capacity to be offended.

However, (now) ..just between you and I, ..of course Dr. Bell is a bigot. Identifying bigots within the human race is not rocket science, ..(we are all bigots)!

Unless of course, “you” repudiate the wisdom of Merriam-Webster?

According to Merriam-Webster: “big·ot,” (b¹g“…t) n. One who is strongly partial to one’s own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ. [French, from Old French.]

Speaking only for myself of course, I am definitely (one who is (strongly partial) to my own group, ..my own religion, ..my own race, ..and my own political beliefs, ..and, ..I am just as “intolerant” of those who differ with (my beliefs) ..as you, ..Vladimir Putin, ..Kim ll-sung, ..Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, or Barack Obama.

In my three word editorial: (In who’s Judgment?)

I chose John Wayne as an example as a person who has also made a real difference in a lot of people’s lives. Was it a good choice? It worked for me. But then I could’ve chosen anyone, I could have chosen my next-door neighbor who has six children. If a man was six children isn’t making a real difference in someone’s life, ..then I ask you, ..who is?

I could have also used (you) ..as (my example), ..although I doubt as many people are aware of your existence, as are, or were aware of John Wayne. Everyone makes a difference in someone’s life.

In The Price of Racial Remedies, Bell argues that whites will not support civil rights policies that may threaten white social status.

News flash! May I remind you that 70% of the population of America is Caucasian, without Caucasian, ..and/or ..(white) support for anything, (nothing) ..in “America” would come to pass. Without the (involvement) of Caucasians, and/or, white folks, ..as much as I’m sure this will upset you, ..there would be no America.

(Factoid) ..and/or, ..statement of Fact: “Barack Obama did not vote for Mitt Romney.”

It is not a (human) trait for anyone regardless of their race, religion or political beliefs to support agendas that threaten their existence.

Maybe someday when we all live in the same house (that) may come to pass?

However, as we currently live in separate houses, ..and subscribe to individual ideologies, ..anyone supporting another who disagrees with him or her is not in the world’s immediate future.

(You can take that one to the Bank). 

Bell was also the author of a number of books and short stories, including “Ethical Ambition” and “The Space Traders,” a science fiction story in which white Americans sell black Americans to space aliens in order to pay off the national debt. (Source, Wikipedia)

The excerpt, which refers to; (white Americans selling black Americans to space aliens in order to pay off the National Debt). Is according to Wikipedia’s bio, an excerpt from Prof. Bell’s fiction entitled; “The Space Traders,”

As for your personal attack on my character in your closing remarks, although I was (minimally impressed) with your use of adjectives, when it comes to sarcasm,…


..Stanley has not yet built the latter tall enough for you to reach my level.

With that said, I would also like to say that I appreciate your visiting my site, ..and I appreciate your comments and I look forward to hearing from you again.


Dusty’s Comment:

“Oh boy, I don’t mean to be overly insulting, but your assertion here at the end of this post is even more irrelevant than the completely pointless argument of not granted qualified professors tenure because their fully qualified tenure requirements were not as prestigious as typical tenured Harvard professors fulfillment of the same requirements, which Mr. Bell argued should be held in the high prestige due to their influence and impact of making the world a better place.

Your citing of John Wayne not being offered tenure, is not even a parable, it’s not any sort of relational comparison, and definitely not logical nor any sort of connected reason. I am sure some of the professors at one point in time have worn a pair of navy blue socks, I have at some point worn a pair of navy blue socks and I wasn’t offered tenure, so that should add some credence and credibility.

There, now Harvard can lay the side of the story to rest as with both clear logical and reasonable trains of thought it is now and forever proven that Harvard was completely justified in their their actions.

But back your story about the slaves, slavery did NOT begin with Black People selling off their black neighbors to white slave owners, it began as three and six years prepaid contracts for labor due to dire situations among villages and tribes residing on the continent of Africa and numerous islands in the surrounding area.

I find it had to believe that anybody even without any education what-so-ever, so long as they have had any interaction with other people outside of their own family could be so ignorant of the social happenings that occur in between more than three people gathered anywhere for any reason, could be foolish enough to believe that one day a couple of ships with several hundred people anchored of the coast of Africa went to shore and lassoed a bunch of Africans and and bodda bing drew up some titles of ownership later that served as the temple for DMV car titles

which is exactly the type of creative writing that passes for encyclopedic information which is true because I was able to fabricate some references that I also fabricated and references references cited on wikipedia.

(Sidebar) “Dusty, although I truly appreciate your fortitude for jumping in the pool, ..your attempt, ..both at relating history and “sophistication” have failed. Men and women throughout history, ..from every continent, color and ethnicity have been forced into servitude and/or slavery. Long before any man or woman from Africa was pressed into service in America, there were ethnic Jews, both men and women, pressed into servitude and/or slavery by the Pharaohs of Egypt.

Long before Christopher Columbus’s parents were born, the native population of America, before America was America, raided each other’s villages, not only to diversify their gene pool, ..but to acquire individuals to be pressed into servitude, and/or slavery. I could continue for several more paragraphs to include China, India, Mongolia, the Middle East, and so on and so on, ..however, (at least in my opinion), ..I have made my point.”

Dusty continuing…

…but because of your numerous other posts, all based on solid evidence based assertions and because it is obvious your are enlightened dolly llama and learned and experienced philosopher, critical thinker, I would say you are a living modern-day Prophet with obvious connections to the Divine.”

Have a great day Dusty, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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