What has God given you lately?

 don't think about it too long bI don't have all day 1

I used to belong to the NRA, ..however I never attended a meeting. I used to subscribe to magazines that I enjoyed, but I never went to bookstores. I’ve read the Bible, and I believe in God, ..nevertheless I don’t go to church.

If you believe that God is setting on your shoulder, you don’t need to walk over the mountain. Although I don’t “wear” God on my sleeve, he’s been on my shoulder all my life. He was on my shoulder the day I learned that objects fall at a rate of 32 ft./s per second, per second, ..until they reach maximum velocity, ..and/or, ..the day I tumbled from the six foot block wall between our house and our neighbors when I broke my collarbone.

Question: So why didn’t God prevent me from falling off the wall, ..simple, ..because God didn’t put me on the wall, ..nor did he push me off.

In God’s world, the natural world, the real world, real people are responsible for themselves.

 sunrise from God 1

As of this morning, I have enjoyed (25976) sunrises, ..and (17254) sunrises since I tangled with the projectile from a 60mm mortar on November 12, 1965.

Although once again, ..I relate this as (a personal opinion), God has been extremely good to me.

Then when I returned from Vietnam, after a period of convalescing, I purchased a metallic blue XKE Jaguar roadster…

 XKE Lancaster - California 

..it was a great car, ..a fast car, ..and a car that from time to time spoke to me.

For those of you who have never owned a car that spoke to you and might be curious as to what my car said? It told me there was nothing on the road that I couldn’t pass.

Good advice? ..looking back, ..not so much, ..however at the time, ..with the encouragement of the (adolescent), ..and/or, the (not yet in touch with common sense) ..side of my brain.

Or more correctly, ..lets say that (I denied) ..the “common sense” side more times than the law allowed, ..and let it go at that.

The highest number I ever personally observed on the dial on my speedometer was 160 and I still had some paddle. Not bragging, simply recounting, ..both an exhilarating and frightening moment in time.

 spoke wheel 2

Albeit, not nearly as frightening as a few days later when checking the air in my tires I found several loose spokes on (three) of the four wheels I was wahooing on.

As to relating my experiences on a motorcycle, freedom and fun beyond words, albeit not for the faint of heart or anyone whose ambition is to grow old.

 respecting the elderly 1

A time of life, which in America, up until the last couple of generations, has been respected. Until the ambitious greed driven neophytes that have erupted from the bowels of academia to force-feed their idealistic agendas onto the less fortunate, and disenfranchised population.

 washing feet 1

Agendas, ..that by no measure, ..shape, ..or form, ..could be perpetrated by a true Christian.

 Genesis 127

 Genesis 1:27, So God created man in his own image… 

Albeit, a grand gift to be sure, ..nevertheless, ..(at least in my humble opinion), ..the grandest gift God ever gave man was the ability to imagine, ..accordingly, when someone tells you that they don’t believe in God, ..what they are actually saying is that they don’t believe in themselves.

So my question is; “How sad does a person have to be, ..not to believe in themselves?

The reason people kill each other in computer games, (is simple), ..they understand that there is no downside, ..there is no threat, ..and there are no repercussions.

People fear repercussions, ..and/or, ..punishment. People, and/or, Governments impart fear to maintain control.

 guy smiling at firing squad

Is this where Barack Obama is taking America?


Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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