Speculation versus Facts..

speculation personified 1

                  (Speculation personified).

According to Webster: “spec·u·la·tion.” A conclusion, an opinion, or a theory reached by conjecture.

 failed corn crop 1

(Indisputable fact).

According to Webster: “fact,” The quality of being real or actual.

  failed corn crop America 4a

In America…

failed corn crop Ethiopia

 ..and Ethiopia.

Question of the day, (actually, ..a Question for the Ages;

 does man understand reality

When does speculation, and/or, a statistic become a fact?

Ask the “Rapanui,” and/or, ..the residence of Rapa Nui, a.k.a. (Easter Island).


(Factoid). There are 887 Moai figures, ..and/or, ..statues in place facing the ocean around Rapa Nui.


Rapa Nui is a barren island, but this was not always the case. Studies of pollen cores prove that the first Polynesian settlers found an island paradise of lush, subtropical forests.

Within 400 years of colonization, deforestation was well underway.

700 years after colonization, the forests were gone, every species of land bird was extinct and shellfish were overexploited. Without trees, the inhabitants could no longer make sea faring canoes with which to hunt porpoises, the main staple of their diet.

Without the population lacking sea faring ability, Rapa Nui became a closed system. The inhabitants could not abandon the island and turned to intensive poultry production; rats also became a dietary staple.

Without wood to burn for cooking and heating fires, sugarcane scraps, grass and sedges were used instead, which in turn impoverished the soil.

The population crash happened about 200 years later. (Source Wikipedia).

Pearlsofprofundity “Tip of the day:” No one, ..no community, no colony, ..or any Nation can upset the balance of nature and expect a positive result.

 caveman 3

Man began his journey as a simple ignorant soul questing for knowledge.

It’s been a long road, and man has learned much, albeit, (at least in my opinion), he has not yet learned to share or work well with others.

Although there is no doubt that the United States of America began with more resources than Easter Island, the similarity in (frittering away) ..our natural resources “compares as real” as Prince Charming slipping the proverbial “Glass Slipper” on Cinderella’s flawlessly drawn size six.

glass slipper 1

 (Glass Slipper). 

Whether at the stroke of midnight, or the stroke of an Obama whim, policy that isn’t focused on the well-being of tomorrow will devastate America as surely as chopping down the last tree on Rapa Nui.

It is no secret to anyone with common sense that corporate America and “our” current administration’s interests lie more with profits and taxing those profits than with America’s next generation.

So my Question again is: “What does corporate America and our current administration not understand about drought and famine?



Can’t happen in America you say? Maybe you should scroll back up and check out the images of the failed corn crops again. They both failed from lack of water, ..and/or, drought.

If you’re not concerned, you should be, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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