money down a whole 1a

Albeit the fact, ..that Merriam-Webster refuses to recognize (unsustainable) as a legitimate, ..and/or, ..proper word, I find it necessary to implement Plan “B.”

According to Webster: “sus·tain“a·ble,” To keep in existence; maintain.

Accordingly, alluding to old-school, “God-given” (common sense), ..the opposite of “sustainable” would be (unable) to keep in existence, ..or maintain.

 Bridge to nowhere 2

And/or, ..another bridge to nowhere…

Question: Is there anyone still out there, who isn’t aware that both, America’s corn and wheat crops have been devastated by drought for the past several years, with last year topping the charts as one of the worst years in 30 years.

For those of you who cast your votes for our (buy now pay later) commander-in-chief in November, ..know this, even if Barack Obama was a man of his word, which he has proven (time and time again) ..that he isn’t.

I hope that you can find a path to take solace in knowing that although (your) free lunches “aren’t” a realistic option…

 Obama indulgence 1

..your “Commander in Chief’s” (free lunches) ..are still a “reality” that you can hang your hat on.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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