Does America really give a damn?

Sandy hook elementary 1a

On December 14, 2012, a young man with the given name of Adam (whether biblically inspired) or not, ..according to “,” ..(Adam) the Hebrew word for “man.”

Interesting, ..although (at least in my opinion) ..not significant to the act of violence perpetrated against the 20 children and six adults that died at the resolution of Adam Lanza.

 nothing dark 1a

 Adam Lanza 

Protocol, and/or, ..alluding (to my personal opinion), ..I see nothing dark in the image above.

 cheerful 1a

Nancy Lanza 

Reiterating, ..and again alluding (to my personal opinion), a single word; “Charming.”

In more than a single word; “An attractive charming woman.” That by no measure that I can justified, ..shouldn’t still be an attractive charming woman.

are guns to blame

 Of course the answer to my question is subjective…

According to Webster: “sub·jec·tive,” Particular to a given person; personal.

..depending on your personal opinion.

As a gun owner, collector, and advocate, ..I personally place no responsibility upon the gun or guns used by Adam Lanza.

Guns, and/or, (firearms) are inanimate…

According to Webster: “in·an·i·mate,” Not having the qualities associated with active, living organisms.

 China's terra-cotta Army 2

 Alluding to reality, guns, and/or, firearms, pose no more of a threat to humanity than China’s Terracotta Army…

 guardians of Easter Island

 ..or the guardians of Easter Island.

A real, “eminent threat” to (humanity) currently, ..not only supported by the ideology of the Democratic Party and the Obama administration, it is “totally” and “unambiguously” being ignored by “our” unrepentant left wing;  “Teleprompter Reading Buffoons,” ..and/or, ..America’s mainstream media.

Planned Parenthood…

When it comes to the human race, there is no single color or distinguishing feature to identify evil, ignorance or stupidity.

Evil, ignorance and stupidity are available in every hue, size, and ethnicity, as well as within every ideology.

Number of abortions in United States…

(Because reporting of abortions is not mandatory, statistics are of varying reliability. The Centers For Disease Control

(CDC) regularly compiles these statistics.)

they could have been contenders

 (They could’ve been Contenders).

 According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), since 1973, roughly 50 million legal induced abortions have been performed in the United   States.

A few statistics gleaned from ( …

2010, Murders in the U.S. by…

Rifles, 358

Shotguns, 373

Knives/blades, 1704

Hands, fists, and feet, 745.

Which of course, are not members that you can take to the bank, as there are hundreds, if not thousands of websites that publish statistics, and no two are the same.

According to Webster: “dys·func“tion·al,” Abnormal or impaired; – Deviating from the norms of social behavior in a manner regarded as inappropriate.

Human beings killing each other whether during the course of a liquor store robbery, in the heat of the moment during a domestic dispute, on a battlefield in Afghanistan or Iraq, in a schoolroom in Connecticut, or in a sterile clinic at the hands of a physician, people killing one another is inappropriate.

Of course, ..if you are one of those secular (neophytes) that doesn’t believe life is sacred and God-given? ..the next time someone T-bones you with an SUV at an intersection, ..or you feel a tightening in your chest, ..pull out your “I Don’t Believe” card so that “they” can  identify you in purgatory.

Enjoy the day, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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