Open letter..

open letter 1

According to Webster: “o·pen,” Affording unobstructed entrance and exit; not shut or closed.

When I “extricated” myself from my (sleep number) bed this morning, it was a full on competition between my hips in my neck for the title of; “Who hurts worse?”

A while ago I wrote a blog entitled; “Age has its Privileges.” Albeit not a favorite subject, age also has its “Drawbacks.”

But then I suppose considering the alternative, ..discovering “compromises” is a worthwhile endeavor. Which is why I’ve pretty much traded in my boots and my deer rifle for a pair of slippers and a keyboard.

 old boots 3a

According to Webster: “boot,” Protective footgear, made of leather, covering the foot and part or all of the leg.

 slippers 3a

According to Webster: “slip·per,” A low shoe that can be slipped on and off easily and usually worn indoors.

When I was younger, and/or, fit to spend the day wearing my boots and carry my deer rifle, (a tool) and/or, implement, that varied over the years from a trail worn Winchester model 94, in .32 Win. Spc. Caliber, a product that never gained enough popularity with the sporting public to continue in production into the 20th century.

Back in the day when a family acquired its ration of meat from the woods with a rifle instead of from Walmart with a debit card,…

 debit card 1

..prior to the turn-of-the-century before “smokeless” powder was widely available, ..a man fortunate enough to own a cartridge rifle, wasn’t always necessarily fortunate enough afford cartridges.

Accordingly, many found it expedient to reload their own cartridges, ..and sense “black powder” was not only cheaper but more readily available, ..most reloaded their cartridges with black powder.

Hence the rub! ..literally.

 black powder rifle 1a

As black powder.. (a chemical concoction of sulfur, charcoal, and potassium nitrate, ..and/or, (saltpetre), a foul mixture, it leaves an “extremely” undesirable “coat of carbon” behind when it is ignited, ..a (coat of carbon) that is un-welcomed in the “precision barrels” designed by the folks at Winchester to work with smokeless powder.

So the good folks at Winchester created the .32 Winchester Special cartridge and the .32 Winchester Special model 94 with a bore diameter of .321 and a (1 in 16) twist instead of the (1 in 12) twist of it’s .30-30 with its .308 bore diameter.

A fun Question: How many of you are still with me?

Another Question: What does the bore diameter of a .32 Winchester Special have to do with politics?

 absolutely nothing 2 

There’s a lot more to life than disappointment and corruption, and/or, ..politics.

As an adolescent I conquered “Stony Point,” an outcropping of large rocks between Chatsworth, California, ..and the Simi Valley.

Of course, compared to Mount Everest, “Stony Point” would measure no more than a grain of sand, ..but then at the time, compared to Sir Edmund Hillary…

 Sir Edmund Hillary 1a 

(Sir Edmund Hillary).

 sandbox 1a

 (Two-year-old in a sandbox). climbing accomplishments measured no more than that of a two-year-old in a sandbox.

Not implying that there is anything wrong with a sandbox, in fact, I spent a fair share of quality time in a sandbox. Life is good in a sandbox.

Albeit, life moves on, ..and as I recall my proclivity to learn what was beyond my sandbox, my yard, and the mountains in the distance, I eventually learned where life moves on to?

Life is good, ..(cherish it).  I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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