perception 1a

According to Webster: “per·cep·tion,” The recognition and interpretation of sensory stimuli based chiefly upon one’s imagination.

perception 2a 

According to Webster: “A·mer·i·can,” Relating to the United States of America, its people, language, and it’s culture.

An American, ..a “true” American (in this writer’s considered opinion) a man or woman, ..who both loves and respects America.

John F. Kennedy was such a man, a patriot who put himself in harms way to serve America, ..Barack Obama is not.

Barack Obama is not stupid, (far from it) ..albeit, neither is he a (true) American!

A true American could never put his or her personal agenda before the needs of the nation.

has and is 1

Nevertheless, ..I will be the first to give Mr. Obama the credit he is due for “whipping” ..95% of America’s Black population, 71% of America’s Hispanic population, and a whopping 58% of America’s (women) into his bitch.

Which of course, in the big picture, is of little consequence, as America has survived 237 years of (strife) to include; The Revolutionary War, ..(the “hardly” recognized) ..war of 1812, the Civil War, ..two World Wars, ..a (police action) Korea, the Vietnam War, ..the embarrassment of (Bush 41’s) Desert Storm, ..and (of course) ..the Iraq war, ..which (of course) still a boil on America’s backside, is Afghanistan.

According to Webster: “strife.” (in context) Contention or competition between rivals.

Barack Obama is indeed having his moment, ..albeit if King George the third, Robert E Lee, Adolf Hitler and the Emperor of Japan could not defeat the spirit of America, ..then again, (it is this writer’s humble opinion,) ..that although there is no doubt that our current “Lead from Behind” Commander-in-Chief, ..will do “grievous” harm to this Nation, ..(he is in no way, ..shape, ..or form,) ..capable of inflicting ..(permanent damage).

 trust in time 1a

Barack clock 1

There’s a clock on Barack, and it’s ticking…

tick tick tick.2 jpg

I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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