Please, ..excuse my Objection..

GOP losers

As long as the (GOP) and/or, Republican Party, insistent on running candidates without “testicles,” ..why don’t they cut to the chase, ..and run a candidate with ovaries?

In the past twenty-four years, ..and/or, ..six presidential elections, ..the (Good ‘ole Boys Club) and/or, Republican Party has come out (in second place,) ..with the exception of the eight (embarrassing) years of George “Duba.” Who, (at least in my humble opinion,) had no more business being President of the United States, ..than our current, (spend like a drunken sailor) and/or, (shop till the country drops), Barack Hussein Obama. 

When I turned my television on tomorrow, I would much prefer to see a decent God-fearing mother from Alaska with her hand on the Bible at the inauguration , ..than the hand of the individual , ..who over the last four years has led America into the bowels of social oblivion with his (signature) “Cheshire Cat” grin while he tells the ignorant masses that elected him that they are better off now then they were before he arrived .

According to Webster: “de·cent,” (in context) Characterized by conformity to recognized standards of propriety and morality.

 Sarah Palin candidate

According to Webster: “moth·er,” (in the proper context) A woman who holds a position of authority and responsibility.

 who are you calling stupid1a  - Copy

(Barack Hussein Obama) 

Instead, America will again be governed for (another four years) ..under the auspices of a  “socialist dictator” ..who believes that; “What belongs to him, his, ..and what belong to you, his.”

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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