Word, (reminisce).

reminisce 2

According to Webster: “rem·i·nisce,” To recollect and tell of past experiences or events.

With America’s future, ..in the “throws” of (Obama’s socialist agenda) ..looking bleaker by the day, ..this morning, ..I think that I’d like to spend my time reminiscing about the…

 good old days blue

Before Television and Twitter 3

before television and twitter 3

..and of course, ..although “not before” practiced (corruption) in “our” government, ..the “Good Old Days” were before “the” current (unparalleled and unequivocally “blatant” corruption) in the Obama administration.

trolley tracks and high button shoes

trolley tracks blue 5

..as well as a truth that was inspired by morality instead of a truth manufactured by a campaign consultant.

David Axelrod 3

David M. Axelrod (born February 22, 1955) is an American political consultant based in Chicago, Illinois. He was a top political advisor to President Bill Clinton as well as campaign advisor to President Barack Obama during Obama’s successful run for Presidency in 2008. Following Obama’s election, Axelrod was appointed as Senior Advisor to the President.

 Axelrod left the White House position in early 2011 and became the Senior Strategist for Obama’s successful re-election campaign in 2012.

Axelrod was formerly a political writer for the Chicago Tribune. He is the founder of AKPD Message and Media, and operated ASK Public Strategies, now called ASGK Public Strategies. He will be the inaugural director of the University of Chicago Institute of Politics.

(Sidebar). Not bad for a kid from StuyvesantTown.

Axelrod grew up in StuyvesantTown on the East Side of Manhattan, NY. He is the son of Myril Bennett, a journalist at PM, a left-wing 1940s newspaper, and Joseph Axelrod, a psychologist and avid baseball fan.

He attended Public School 40 in Manhattan, and his parents separated when he was eight years old. Axelrod traces his political involvement back to his childhood. Describing the appeal of politics, he told the Los Angeles Times, “I got into politics because I believe in idealism.

According to Webster: “i·de·al·ism,” The act or practice of envisioning things in an ideal form.

(and/or) The theory that the object of external perception, in itself or as perceived, consists of ideas.

(in reality). Like Barack Obama, David Axelrod is simply an idealistic (left wing) dreamer, ..a.k.a. (left wing nut).


..”to be a part of this effort that seems to be rekindling the kind of idealism that I knew when I was a kid, it’s a great thing to do.”

(A great thing to do?) 

His words not mine, (the kind of idealism that I knew when I was a kid).

No wonder David Axelrod and Barack Obama are so good together, ..albeit, (at least in my considered opinion,) ..two children, ..playing out their “childhood fantasies” is not good for America.

A child with a checkbooks or a credit card is not a productive circumstance in any environment, ..especially when the child or children have access to the U.S. Treasury.


In 2004, Axelrod worked for John Edwards’ presidential campaign. During the campaign, he lost responsibility for making ads, but continued as the campaign’s spokesman. Regarding Edwards’ failed 2004 presidential campaign, Axelrod has commented, “I have a whole lot of respect for John, but at some point the candidate has to close the deal and, I can’t tell you why that never happened with John.


(I can’t tell you why that never happened with John). 

If actually true, ..it’s another (extremely accurate) example of the vacuum that liberals enjoy living in…

On June 3, 2011, Edwards was indicted by a North Carolina grand jury on six felony charges of violating multiple federal campaign contribution laws to cover up an extramarital affair he admitted to following his 2008 campaign.

Edwards’ trial began on April 23, 2012, and had he been convicted, he would have faced up to 30 years in prison and a $1.5 million fine.

On May 31, 2012, Edwards was found not guilty on one count, and the judge declared a mistrial on the remaining five charges, as the jury was unable to come to an agreement.

On June 13, 2012, the Justice Department announced that it dropped the charges and will not attempt to retry Edwards. (Source Wikipedia).

Proving once again that in America (if you don’t want to go to jail) ..it is good to be rich, ..and it is good to be a Democrat.


 Axelrod and Obama 2a

Axelrod’s ties with Obama reach back more than a decade. Axelrod met Obama in 1992 when Obama so impressed Betty Lou Saltzmann, a woman from Chicago’s “lakefront liberal crowd,” during a black voter registration drive he ran that she then introduced the two.

Obama also consulted Axelrod before he delivered an 2002 anti-war speech and asked him to read drafts of his book,..

the audacity of hope 1a

According to Webster: “au·dac·i·ty,” Bold or insolent heedlessness of restraints, as those imposed by prudence, propriety, or convention.

According to Webster: “pru·dence,” Careful management.

According to Webster: “pro·pri·e·ty,” The quality of being appropriate.

According to Webster: “con·ven·tion,” Acceptance of agreed practices and principles.

 Obama Money

In a nutshell, ..(by his “own” words and the title of his 2004 publication), “The Audacity of Hope”. Barack Obama does not believe in accepted practices and principles, ..nor is he concerned about what is appropriate. Proven time and time again by the “out of control” spending in his first term, which of course covers his concern, ..and/or, ..lack thereof, ..for “carefully managing” (our) taxpayer dollars.

(Side note). In “continuation” of my “conviction” that Barack Obama has never had an original thought of his own, I offer the following;…

George Frederick Watts hope

 George Frederick Watts painting of “Hope.”

The title of his book, “The Audacity of Hope” was derived from a sermon delivered by his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright. Wright had attended a lecture by Dr. Frederick G. Sampson in Richmond, Virginia, in the late 1980s, on the George Frederick Watts painting Hope, which inspired the Rev. Wright to give a sermon in 1990 based on the subject of the painting – “with her clothes in rags, her body scarred and bruised and bleeding, her harp all but destroyed and with only one string left, she had the audacity to make music and praise God …


Barack Obama changed… (For whatever reason?) ..Most likely ..(at least in my humble opinion) ..because of his belief that it is his calling to change, ..whatever he encounters.


..changed Wright’s phrase of; “audacity to hope” to “audacity of hope” ..which became (the title) ..for his 2004 Democratic National Convention keynote address, ..and (the title) of his second book. (Source Wikipedia).


Axelrod served as the chief strategist and media advisor for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Axelrod contemplated taking a break from the 2008 presidential campaign, as five of the candidates, Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, John Edwards, Chris Dodd, and Tom Vilsack, were past clients.

Personal ties between Axelrod and Hillary Clinton also made it difficult, because she had done significant work on behalf of epilepsy causes for a foundation co-founded by Axelrod’s wife and mother, Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE).

But what the hell, ..when it comes to the Democratic Party, what self-respecting liberal wouldn’t throw a friend, ..or even his mother (under the bus) ..to win?

While Clinton chose a strategy that emphasized experience, Axelrod helped to craft the Obama campaign’s main theme of…

change 1a

Once again, (it just keeps getting better), according to David Axelrod’s bio in Wikipedia, ..he, David Axelrod is responsible for Obama’s theme of change, ..not Obama.

Axelrod criticized the Clinton campaign’s positioning by saying that “being the consummate Washington insider is not where you want to be in a year when people want change.

Politico described Axelrod as ‘soft-spoken’ and ‘mild-mannered’ and it quoted one Obama aide in Chicago as saying,

“Do you know how lucky we are that he is our Mark Penn?”

Mark Penn 1

Mark J. Penn (born January 15, 1954), who has been a pollster, political strategist, and author, as of December, 2012 was the Corporate Vice President for Strategic and Special Projects at Microsoft Corporation where he was leading the public relations campaign against Google on behalf of Bing. (Source Wikipedia).


Democratic consultant and former colleague Dan Fee said of Axelrod, “He is a calming presence.”

..and I unequivocally agree, ..a majority of children are calming influences, ..what a majority of children are not! ..are qualified and capable of serving as the President of the United States.

bumper car 3 

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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