Sanctimonious Ass..

sanctimonious ass 2a

According to Webster: “sanc·ti·mo·ni·ous,” Feigning piety or righteousness.

Although I didn’t agree with anything that the president said on (Wednesday morning, January 16) ..I do agree that what he said was eloquently spoken.

With that said, moving on to the (red) meat of this morning’s offering. The media reaction, expected, (at least in my opinion), was right on course.

 gun-control speech

CNN, HLN, MSNBC, and the networks were all on track to back everything that came out of Barack Obama’s mouth, even as trite and ambiguous as it was. But then what’s new?

There is no more doubt in my mind, than in “your” mind, that we, (human beings) ..and/or, (Homo sapiens) ..need to stop shooting each other. Or more correctly, ..we (need to stop killing each other,) ..and (not) ..just in “our” communities and neighborhoods in America, ..we need to “stop” killing each other around the globe.

The (life lost) at Sandy Hook elementary school was indeed a tragic event, were the (lives lost) in the movie theater in Aurora Colorado. Or the (lives lost) at Virginia Tech, or the (lives lost) at Luby’s restaurant in Texas, ..we, ..the collective we, ..(that actually understand) ..that (life) ..should trump politics. We need to start talking about life in this nation, as well as life on the planet.

We need to stop (twiddling our thumbs) ..and (setting on our hands) ..while the “selfish bastards” ..(we) elect to serve this nation grin and promise utopia…

How many times have you heard an individual running for an elected office explicate,…

“I’m running for President, ..and/or, Governor, ..and/or, ..City Council, ..and/or, ..dogcatcher, ..because I want to serve this great Nation, ..and/or, ..I want to serve this Great State, ..and/or, ..I want to serve this Great City, ..and/or, ..I want to protect you from stray dogs.” (Of course the latter analogy is ridiculous).

At least until you (actually) compare the benefit your local dogcatcher provides compared to the (actual) benefit you receive from your City Council, ..your Governor, ..or your President,…

..compared to the (actual) benefits that our Presidents, ..our Governors, ..and ..our City Council members (receive) from “us” ..those who elect them?

I’ve been casting votes for men and women now for “Fifty Years” ..

 reserve parking 2

..and so far I have yet to receive a parking space with my name on it,

presidential limousine 1 (at no cost to me) automobile,

 the White House 1 (at no cost to me) residents,

 Air Force One 1

..or an (at no cost to me) ..large blue and white airplane.

The President is protected by armed men, ..and/or, ..the U.S. Secret Service.

The President’s children are also protected by armed men of the U.S. Secret Service.

I am protected by my Constitutionally guaranteed; “Right to Keep and Bear Arms.”

 what are you protected by 1a 

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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