2012 Liberal (Media Bias) Awards..

The Envelopes, Please…

and the winners are

The auspicious “Damn Those Conservatives Award” goes to two “Newsweek/Daily Beast” staffers, who discussed former Vice President Dick Cheney’s heart transplant in March.

Senior writer “Ramin Setoodeh” said, “I would never give my heart to Dick Cheney. It would freeze over.” ..at which point

Assignment Editor “Allison Yarrow” chimed in with: “He may be one of the most evil people in the world.”

So, ..just who in the hell are “Ramin Setoodeh” and “Allison Yarrow?”

 Ramin Setoodeh 1a

(Ramin Setoodeh) – Liberal Cynic, ..and imbecile. 

According to Webster: “cyn·ic,” A person who believes all people are motivated by selfishness.

According to Webster: “im·be·cile.” A person whose mental acumen is well below par.

An example of Ramin’s work…

Ramin Setoodeh: Not Only Can Gay Actors Not Play Straight, They Aren’t Allowed to Play Gay Either (Source,towleroad.com).

 Jesse 2a

 (Jesse Tyler Ferguson)

..the apparent exception to Ramin understanding.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson (October 22, 1975) is an American actor known for portraying Mitchell Pritchett on the ABC sitcom Modern Family, which has earned him 3 nominations for Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.

Personal life…

In September 2012, Ferguson announced his engagement to lawyer Justin Mikita, his boyfriend of nearly two years. (Source Wikipedia).

In (my Septuagenarian opinion); “Ramin in his childhood, had no toys and he had no friends, because he was most likely as cynical as a child as he is as an adult.”

Because although philosophers throughout history would have you believe that (people can change,) ..with “Barack Obama” as a shining example of opposition to that ideal, philosophy is a flawed modality.

According to Webster: “mo·dal·i·ty,” The classification of propositions on the basis of whether they assert or deny the possibility, impossibility, contingency, or necessity of their content.

 Allison Yarrow 2a

 (Allison Yarrow) Little Liberal Lost.

..and/or, ..a proverbial “Fish out of Water”

(He may be one of the most evil people in the world).

For Allison’s information…

According to Webster: “e·vil,” Bad, wrong, or wicked.

According to Webster: “bad,” Not achieving an adequate standard.

Dick Cheney VP 2

(Dick Cheney) –  former Vice President of the United States .

Richard Bruce “Dick” Cheney (born January 30, 1941)

(Sidebar) I was born in 1941, does that make me evil?


Dick Cheney served as the 46th vice President of the United States, from 2001 to 2009. Is that what makes Dick Cheney evil?

In his career, from 1975 to 1977, Dick Cheney served as Gerald Ford’s White House chief of staff.

From 1979 to 1989 Dick Cheney served as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Wyoming.

From January 1989, to March 1989 Dick Cheney served as the House Minority Whip.

From March 20, 1989 to January 20, 1993 Dick Cheney served as the United States Secretary of Defense.

From January 20, 2001, takes January 20, 2009, Dick Cheney served as the Vice President of the United States.

The preceding is Dick Cheney’s resume of service to the United States of America. As an individual who believes in fairness,…

..I invite Allison Yarrow to provide me with her resume and I will publish it in contrast.

(On a personal note). I would imagine that Dick Cheney’s wife Lynne and his daughters Elizabeth and Mary would likely disagree with Allison’s appraisal.

But then again, in all fairness, with Lynne, Elizabeth, and Mary, ..all being (common sense) Conservatives, ..they’re probably not as cerebral as Allison?

According to Webster: “cer·e·bral,” The use of the intellect.

(Side note).

In August 2007, I (personally) suffered a heart attack from a blocked artery, ..accordingly I understand the (lack of humor) associated with a heart attack.

But then of course liberals seem to have a whole different take on humor, ..as (noted) ..when they reelected Barack Hussein Obama for second term.

Although I believe that Ramin Setoodeh and Allison Yarrow burn their paychecks every Friday in righteous liberal protest against wealth in America…

..I have no conclusive collaborating evidence.

 Brian Ross 1a

(Brian Ross) ABC Commentator, ..and/or,

..just another Liberal teleprompter reading buffoon.

The “Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste Award” went to ABC’s Brian Ross and his coverage of the Aurora, Colo., theater massacre by accused shooter James Holmes in July.

With the (dauntless certainty) explicated by (the majority of America’s mainstream commentators) ..Ross unequivocally proclaimed that James Holmes of Aurora had joined the tea party a year earlier, ..oops!

Turns out that the (James Holmes) tea party member was a different James Holmes.

 Piers Morgan 2a

 (Piers Morgan)

NewsBusters gave its “Audacity of Dopes Award” to CNN’s Piers Morgan for fawning over Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. In September Morgan asked him, “How many times in your life have you been properly in love?”

Ahmadinejad, who has called for Israel to be wiped off the map, responded, “I’m in love with all humanity. I love all human beings.”

To which Piers Morgan commented: “That might be the best answer I’ve ever heard to that question.”

Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan (born Piers Stefan O’Meara; 30 March 1965), known professionally as Piers Morgan, is a British journalist and television host currently working in the United States.

He is editorial director of First News, a national newspaper for children published in the U.K., and host of Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN, …

Enough said..

 Piers Morgan 3 sig


  Melissa Harris 2a

(Melissa Harris Perry)

But the “Quote of the Year” citation for 2012 went to MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry and what she called her “footnote for the Fourth of July.”

She stated: “The land on which (the Founders) formed the Union was stolen.

The hands with which they built this nation were enslaved.

The women who birthed the citizens of the nation are second class.

“This is the imperfect fabric of our nation, ..It’s ours, all of it.

The imperialism, the genocide, the slavery.”

(The source material for today’s offering was provided by; Newsmax.com).

To Melissa I apologize and offer a sincere solution to her plight. Melissa, you have roots in Africa, take advantage of them.

Because everyone with the reading skills of a (sixth grader) in America understands that there is no “Imperialism,” ..no “Genocide,” ..and no “Slavery” in Africa.

You are an extremely lucky individual to have the option to go home, where you can live (out from under) the threat of imperialism, genocide, and slavery, that is so pervasive in America, ..please consider “my personal” ..from the (bottom of my heart) counsel.

For the rest of America, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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