Sorry, no Apology..

 I'm really sorry 1not

According to Webster: “a·pol·o·gy,” A formal justification or defense.

From the liberal response, it would seem that I have again..

 struck a nerve 1a

 ..with the free lunch bunch, ..with my (question of the day) on New Year’s Eve.

Come on folks, (get a clue) if I wrote what you “lame liberals” wanted to read, ..I would be signing off with Barack Hussein Obama, ..not Crusader Rabbit, ..”heavy on the Crusader.”

One of you wrote; “What the hell makes you so smart?”

My reply to you; “I am not especially smart, ..I’m simply not..

 stupid 2a

Enjoy “yer” day, I’ll be back ta’morraaaa


Crusader Rabbit…

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