What is a Man?

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According to Webster: “man,” (simple) An adult male human being.

According to Webster: “man·hood,” 1. The state or time of being an adult male human being. 2. The composite of qualities, such as courage, determination, and vigor, often thought to be appropriate to a man. 3. Adult males considered as a group; men. 4. The state of being human.

Although I am more often than not “satisfied” with Webster’s definitions, ..with his definition of (manhood,) ..I find myself a bit disappointed that Webster didn’t find it appropriate to use the adjective “responsible.”

 Obama Shussing 1a

According to Webster: “re·spon·si·ble,” Required to give account, as of one’s actions or of the discharge of a duty or trust.

A man, (at least in my opinion), ..as a “conservative” and a (common sense) “Septuagenarian,” ..a man has to measure up to a standard above the attributes that were acceptable when he was a child.

Barack Obama was raised and nurtured by a single mother who declared herself an atheist, who was herself raised and nurtured by parents who declared themselves both atheists and communists.

Barack Obama attended an elementary school in Jakarta, Indonesia where it was mandatory for every student to register as a Muslim.

Barack Obama did not serve in the military.

I wrote an article recently in which I described the “Rites of Passage” practiced by several different cultures in contrast to the fact that in 21st Century America, ..there is no rite of passage for a child to understand when (he) has become a man.

There is (little, and/or, no) ..publicly “published” history about Barack Obama’s childhood.

There is (little, and/or, no) ..publicly “published” account of Barack Obama’s attendance in college.

In fact, ..(in truth) ..there is (little, and/or, no) ..published account of Barack Obama’s early life, ..other than the “published” account of Barack Obama’s early life written by Barack Obama.

Other than for the charity of individuals to include (Harry Belafonte, Sidney Poitier, Jackie Robinson, and Elizabeth Mooney Kirk, and the nationalist leader; “Tom Mboya”, ..at the time. Barack Obama would today be a (goat herder) in Kenya, rather than the President of the United States.

An occupation, (at least in my personal opinion) he would be much better suited to.

 Kenyan goat Herder 2a

Because, again (in my personal opinion) Barack Obama’s understanding of what it is to be a man would be fulfilled.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


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