Age has its privileges..

Moses 1

According to Webster: “age,” The length of time that one has existed; duration of life.

(and/or) The time of life when an individual becomes responsible to assume certain personal and civil rights.

(Sidebar) When one of my grandchildren inquired on my last birthday; “How old are you grandpa?”

I facetiously replied; “I’m so old, that when I was your age, the Dead Sea was still alive.


(and/or, categorically) A period in the history of humankind marked by a distinctive characteristic or achievement: ..such as; …

 inventing the wheel 1

..the Stone Age.

ice age 1a

..the Ice Age.

..or a period of time marked by the presence or influence of a dominant figure:

unemployment 1a

..the Obama Age. 

Where unemployment is no longer a disadvantage, because of changes America can count on…

Obama care and Uncle Sam (free) Health Care.

 food stamps –  Obama 

With 47 million people in my pocket, could I lose?

 empty pockets 2a

This is the anonymous fool that picks up the tab.

Chuck Closeup 4a 

..and I’m the “old” guy that keeps you informed.


Think about it a be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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