Question of the Day..

thuth 1 (2)

And the first thing that comes to mind, ..and/or, ..the number one answer is; “A liar.”

Second Question: …

 thuth 2

According to Webster: “li·ar,” (lº“…r) n. One that tells lies.

And the first thing that comes to mind, ..and/or, ..the number one answer is; “The mirror.”

Yes, ..we all tell lies, ..whether blatantly, ..for power, ..and/or, ..profit? ..or we justify “our” lie as benevolent, stay, ..or avert suffering.

Which of course makes us all, both judge and jury, every time we tell a lie or provide misinformation.

In the News this Morning…

 Hillary blood clot

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was admitted to a New York City hospital on Sunday after doctors discovered that a blood clot had formed,…

(Sidebar); Since the hospital’s report is so vague as not to include where Hillary’s blood clot is? In this humble writer’s,  (considered, albeit “skeptical” opinion) I don’t believe a word of it.


..the State Department said in a statement.

Philippe Reines, a deputy assistant secretary, said in the statement that the clot stems from a concussion Clinton sustained several weeks ago.

(Sidebar) Again, (this humble writer’s opinion) Hillary’s concussion, (and questionable blood clot) the result of the Congressional subpoena to “require” Hillary, testify about (her knowledge) of the “cluster cluck” in Benghazi.


..Reines said that Clinton, 65, is being treated with anticoagulants at NewYork-PresbyterianHospital in Manhattan.

She will be monitored there for the next 48 hours, (he said.)

“Her doctors will continue to assess her condition, including other issues associated with her concussion,” he said. (They will determine if any further action is required). (Source, ABC


If that isn’t Washington speak? ..and/or, ..more (cover up bull-crap,) ..I’ll dance on the head of a pin in a hurricane on the Tonight Show.

Sadly, ..lying and providing misinformation is the mainstay and only product produced by the Obama administration. A product, albeit produced in great quantity by the Obama administration, it was by no means invented by the Obama administration,, ..again, (in this writer’s opinion) Barack Obama has never had an original idea.

I could go on with names and examples for hundreds of pages, ..but this is New Year’s Eve, I see no reason to spoil it further.

Sequestration will take care of that, for (all of us) tomorrow morning.

If you drink, ..don’t drive.

 New Year's 2013 1a 

I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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