Obama, vs Dick and Jane..

Dick and Jane 2

The simple fact that our current administration is sanctioning,  and/or, ..allowing homosexuals, ..and/or, “Gays” ..to wed, ..is more than enough evidence to anyone with a lick of sense to understand that homosexual marriages are driven by some agenda other than creation, ..or nature.

 creation 1

According to Webster: “cre·a·tion,” (in context) The world and all things in it.

Big Bang theory 1

According to Webster: “na·ture,” The forces and processes that produce and control all the phenomena of the material world.

man and the universe 1

 Whether you believe in science, and the Big Bang theory? Or creation as provided in the Bible, man and the universe are as real as it gets.

 godly 1

According to Webster: “god·ly,” Having great reverence for God; Divine.

ungodly 1

According to Webster: “un·god·ly,” Not revering God; Sinful; wicked.

Killing America’s children, ..whether in a “classroom” ..in Newtown, Connecticut, ..or on a street or in alley in Iraq, ..or Afghanistan, ..taking a life anywhere, ..is taking the life of someone’s child.

  holding hands 4a

According to Webster: “nat·u·ral,” Conforming to the course of nature.

  unnatural 4a

According to Webster: “un·nat·u·ral,” In violation of natural law; artificial.


As provided by the King James Bible;

Leviticus 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is an abomination.

According to Webster: “a·bom·i·na·tion,” Abhorrence; disgust.

Although Barack Obama adamantly denies subjection to the Islamic faith in his formative years, as a matter of record the elementary school he attended in Jakarta, mandated that its students register as Muslim.

Barack Obama’s father was a devout Muslim.

Barack Obama’s mother and her parents were all admitted communists and atheists, consequently alluding to the edict, that (if it walks like a duck) ..and, (it talks like a duck,) ..it’s a pretty safe bet that you are looking at, ..is a (duck).

As I touted in one of my recent blogs, man, and/or, mankind has a propensity for lying, whether via nature, or nurture, the result of lying, and/or providing misinformation, as both our news media and our current administration have a proclivity to do, it matters little.

Accordingly, since we’re on the subject of lying and providing misinformation, ..our (quite flexible) ..current Commander-in-Chief has proven himself to be a master of the art. Changing what he explicated yesterday, ..to fit, ..or suit, ..his current circumstance, ..or whim. As (at least in my opinion) “nothing” other than his (personal agenda) holds any meaning for him.

When it is advantageous for his agenda, Barack Obama will do anything, and say anything, to achieve his objective.

When his goal was to become the President of the United States, ..he launched the longest presidential campaign in the history of this nation. Not that it wasn’t a good campaign, at least by current political standards that don’t require, even a modicum of truth.

Just let the rhetoric fly and pray that you don’t get caught, which of course was a little concerned to Barack Obama as he enjoyed a free pass from the predominant (liberal) main stream media, ..and not by chance, as Barack was chosen by the top echelon of the far left to be their golden boy.


According to urban Dictionary.com: “Golden boy,” Is a slang term for an individual who is everyone’s favorite person. 

Everyone on the left that is, ..conservatives, ..and/or, ..folks with “common sense” ..have a totally (opposite opinion) ..of “our” current commander-in-chief.

Although I have absolutely no respect, ..nor fondness for the man, I will give him his “due” for pulling the (proverbial) wool over America’s eyes, ..that is not an easy task.

Albeit, ..an even more difficult task, ..will be keeping the wool over America’s eyes until 2016.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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