I’ll Bet You Don’t Know..

the truth 2

With a circle of friends numbering well beyond two, ..I get a lot of email. Of course with that said, as anyone who owns a computer and exchanges emails, ..with anyone? Friends or foe, ..knows. (the truth) ..”as everyone knows,” ..the “cyber mailman” ..delivers twenty times as much ..(junk mail) ..as worthwhile, ..and/or, ..interesting reading.

 the truth 2

..just because something is interesting, ..is not necessarily credentials that what you are reading is..

 the truth 2

Some time ago I got an email from a good friend who lives on the West Coast, (name withheld for privacy). The email I received from my friend was extremely interesting, ..so interesting in fact, ..that I put it in the back of my mind to do a blog on it one day, ..to share the interesting stories, ..with my interested readers.

Then two days ago, I received the same email, ..in a slightly different format from another friend who resides on the East Coast. Which of course was the inspiration for writing what I am writing this morning.

Of course, since I learned years and years before I ever thought about writing a blog, that if I was going to put my name on something, I needed to do due diligence to assure myself that what I was sharing was..

 the truth 2

The email in Question; ..entitled: …


Mister Rogers Sweater 2a

According to the, ..both (interesting and entertaining) emails, and/or, (forwards) ..Mr. Rogers, a.k.a. ..(Fred Rogers) ..wore his sweater to cover up numerous military and artful tattoos that he acquired as a Navy seal in one version, ..and an ex-Marine sniper in the other.

the truth 2

Fred Rogers, and/or, Mr. Rogers never served in the military.

Concerning Bob Keeshan, a.k.a. “Capt. kangaroo,” ..and Lee Marvin, ..being war buddies?

 Lee and Bob 2a

Both Lee Marvin and Bob Keeshan, a.k.a. “Capt. Kangaroo,” did serve in the Marine Corps.

Lee Marvin served in the South Pacific and he was actually wounded (shot in the butt), ..in Siapan, ..not at Iwo Jima, ..as the circulating emails, ..and/or, ..(forwards) suggest.

Concerning Bob Keeshan’s service, Lee Marvin had already been (shot in the butt) and shipped back to the United States with a Purple Heart by the time Bob Keeshan entered basic training, ..neither was awarded the Navy Cross.

 Johnny Carson show

Concerning Johnny Carson and his interview with Lee Marvin? 

It never happened! 

Have a great day, I’ll be back tomorrow.


Crusader Rabbit…

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